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Gym Etiquette: The 5 Basic Rules to Make Friends

“The first rule is, there ain’t no rules” – said no one who has gone to a gym, ever. 

Of course, we have a few well-known rules at our clubs that are posted clearly on the wall – don’t slam the weights, keep to 30 minutes on the cardio machines when the clubs are busy, etc.

But we want to make sure that you make gym buddies at your location!

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So we have five basic gym etiquette tips to make your time, and that of the gym go-ers’ around you, enjoyable: 

1. Limit your gym selfies.

Important: Don’t get rid of them altogether – we really like seeing your progress (hint: tag @stevenashfitnessclubs on Instagram so we can encourage you!).

BUT try to take them in a quieter or less-used area of the gym, and limit it to 2 or 3 photos maximum.

2. Workout in a space that lets everyone access the equipment around you.

You know the person that does bicep curls while standing in front of the weights that you need? Don’t be them. 

Try to find an area of the gym that is far enough from other equipment, like benches or weights, that people may need access to.

Gym etiquette

3. Wipe down the equipment when you’re done! 

It’s flu season, and this is one time where we don’t believe that #SharingIsCaring.

All of our clubs have sprays or wipes for you to clean down equipment. Not only will this help reduce the spread of germs but it can keep the bacteria that can develop from sweat, from building up on the equipment.

4. Try to smell nice (but not too nice)!

This is a two-part request.

Part 1: Please shower, wear deodorant that works for you, and wash your gym clothes! Powering through an intense interval session on the treadmill means heavy breathing. Heavy breathing is difficult when your treadmill buddy smells like body odour.

Part 2: Wearing too much perfume or cologne is just as distracting as foul underarms. Hold on the sprays until your workout is over and you’ve left the club. We try to keep our change rooms as scent-free as possible.

5. Put the equipment back where you found it. 

You don’t have all the time in the world, and neither does the person using the equipment after you. When equipment isn’t put back in the right place, it likely means it’s making a mess in someone’s space, or the next person to use it will need to search. 

We’ll be around to tidy, but we’re not your mom – we can’t pick up after you all day. In fact, your mom shouldn’t be doing that either! 

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