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GT12: The Small Group Training Program You Didn't Know You Needed

GT12, a unique, curated fitness program for our members, unlike any other HIIT program out there.

What is GT12?

GT12 is a curated fitness program available exclusively at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club, created by fitness experts as a compliment to the current wave and trend in the fitness industry

GT12 is:

  • 12 stations per session
  • 12 teams of 2 per session (up to 24 participants)
  • 12, 45 second rounds of high-intensity interval training
  • 12 exercises to master during each session


What are the benefits?

  • Attend 12 sessions per month for accelerated results
  • Burn up to 1200 calories per week (approximately 3 sessions)
  • Improve mental outlook on life
  • Build and gain self-confidence
  • Time-efficient
  • Be held accountable by a Personal Trainer; the instructor!
  • Have fun while working out with friends, your gym buddy, or fit fam!
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Learn new ways to workout


What can you expect at a GT12 session?

A circuit workout of interval-style training, using the following types of equipment:

  • Rowing machine
  • Air bike
  • Sled
  • Tire trainer
  • Landmines
  • Battle ropes
  • The turf
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX
  • Bulgarian Bag
  • Sandbells

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