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Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Lindsay Gibson

We'd like to take a moment to congratulate our Group Fitness Instructor of the Month here at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club - Lindsay Gibson!

Lindsay is a wife and mom to two daughters. She got into group fitness after having her first child, with a goal to lose the "baby weight," and never looked back!

She was about 100lbs overweight, and she wanted to be healthier for her daughter, and be a role model for a healthy and active lifestyle. From there, she decided she wanted to motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle and so she became a group fitness instructor!

She loves teaching a variety of class styles at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs, as well as taking group fitness classes when she's not teaching.

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Lindsay Gibson

If you'd like to catch her at one of her classes, she teaches everything from Buff Body, to Forever Fit Strength, Tabata, 3D Xtreme, and Group Cycle. 

"Lindsay is a dedicated group fitness instructor, who ensures her classes are always fun, and fabulous! She is ready for any challenge and willing to step in and help out where ever possible. She teaches almost all formats, and our members enjoy working out with her."

Michelle Grierson, Area Group Fitness Manager

We caught up with Lindsay and asked her a few questions:

What's your favourite class to teach, and why?

If I had to pick a favourite it would be Buff Body. Simply because most people don’t do weights on their own. 

How do you inspire and motivate your class members?

I always like to change up my classes. Even if I’m using the same format, I try to think of different exercises so that I’m not always doing the same thing. I also like to motivate participants in my class to do the best that they can and challenge themselves.

How has Group Fitness impacted your life?

Group fitness has helped me stay healthy and active, and become a positive role model for my girls. It has also helped with self confidence and to grow friendships.

What's your fondest memory from teaching?

My best experience from teaching at SNFC has been all the new participants I've gotten to meet and get to know.

What advice can you give our readers about leading a healthy and active lifestyle?

To lead a healthy and active lifestyle, you need to make sure you have fun while doing it. Find a class you like, and always try something new!

Do you have any advice for members who are new to Group Fitness?

My advice would be to try different classes – try different class styles and instructors, because everyone brings something different to class.

You can find Lindsay teaching at Delta, Surrey, and Langley Fitness World, as well as Morgan Crossing Sports Club. 

Try one of Lindsay's classes by signing up for 7 FREE days of unlimited Group Fitness Classes! View the schedule and download your pass below.

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