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Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Elizabeth Léon

We'd like to congratulate Elizabeth Leon for being this month's Group Fitness Instructor of the month! 

Elizabeth is the mom of two beautiful daughters, a music and dance fanatic, who is passionate about fitness and healthy living. She is a Licensed Zumba® Instructor of four years, and shortly after getting her Zumba® certification, she took her Group Fitness Certification with CANFITPRO. Since then, she has taught all the Zumba® specialty classes (Toning, Step, Aqua, Gold, and Kids), and the HIIT program, Strong® by Zumba. Not only that, she's an Indoor Cycling Specialist and is one of the first group of Bungee Fit Instructors in Canada!

Elizabeth has represented SNFC for the past three years rocking her own Zumba classes, subbing whenever possible, and taking part in many special events to elevate member experience. Since coming on board to SNFC, she has also acquired her Group Fitness & Indoor Cycling Certification, and taken the reins in our newest Zumba endeavour, “Zumbini." I'm so pleased to have her on my team, as well as the entire SNFC instructor Team!"

- Vanessa Barrett, Area Group Fitness Manager

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Elizabeth Leon

We caught up with Elizabeth and asked her a few questions:

What are the classes you regularly teach? 

I regularly teach Zumba, Zumba toning, Zumba Step, and Strong®. I will soon be starting a new program with Steve Nash – Zumbini®, which is Zumba for babies!

How do you inspire your class members?

Every time I enter one of my classes, I welcome my students with a big smile and positive attitude. I combine good technique with fun in all my classes, and I am always ensuring to give my students the best work out.

What inspired you to get into fitness and teaching?

My love of dancing. When I discovered the Zumba program four years ago, I just fell in love with it, and I decided to get the license to be an instructor. Then, I got enrolled in Steve Nash and I realized fitness is what I love to do. Since obtaining my Group Fitness certification, I try to stay informed and on top of the latest fitness techniques, so I can provide the best experience to my students in class.

How has Group Fitness impacted your life? 

There is nothing more rewarding that being able to work on what you are passionate about! Group Fitness has made me change my lifestyle in a better way. I feel happier, energetic, and healthier. I am now somebody that is helping others live healthier lives, what else can I ask for?

What's your fondest memory from teaching at SNFC?

So many good memories! Every class is a new experience; the good energy and happiness that flows during an hour of class, is unforgettable.

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Elizabeth Leon

What advice can you give our members about leading a healthy and active lifestyle?

The good news is that a healthy lifestyle is something that you will actually find pleasant and rewarding, once you give it a chance to grow on you. I recommend members to practice activities that they like and make the best of it, make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle, set up short goals, and be consistent in what they do. Leading a healthy lifestyle will give you tons of good benefits!

Do you have any advice for members who are new to Group Fitness?

Don’t be shy! All students are here to work out and have a good time. Stay on top of new trends, industry changes, and new research. This will keep things fresh and reinvigorating while giving you the confidence to teach. Listen to your participants, keep a good connection with them during class, and enjoy it! 

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