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Take These 5 Group Fitness Classes If You Want To Lose Weight

Attending group fitness classes are a great option for achieving your weight loss goal. It can help increase your strength, burn a ton of calories, and helps boost your metabolic rate- - -all within 60 minutes!

When searching for a Group Fitness class for weight loss, you’ll need to look at a class that has both the strength icon (barbell), as well as cardio icon (heart rate line) located in the name on the Group Fitness schedule. With both of those present, you can’t go wrong!

Here are my Top 5 favourite group fitness classes to burn fat!

1. Total360

A great option if you are short on time. Equal parts cardio, strength, core and stretch for a well-rounded workout. This class will meet all your fitness needs in one well rounded workout! 


2. The Works

Power packed interval style workout using both cardio and resistance. The Works is a very accessible class and individuals in different fitness levels can take advantage of if.  Besides, it's never the same! A surely boredom proof class.

3. Power Intervals

Explosive intervals of cardio and weights using the Step as a tool. This fun class is appropriate for all fitness levels! VIEW GROUP FITNESS CLASS SCHEDULES

4. Power Wave

Fully functional class using the battle ropes! A versatile and multi-level interval class that develops strength, power and endurance.



The ideal combination of all-out effort. The class starts with a 50/50 split of high insurance cardio and strength, and finishes with a relaxation stretch focusing on flexibility.

Try adding in these classes to your personal workout schedule! Most classes are designed for a variety of different fitness levels, but make sure to introduce yourself to your instructor if you are new to class, and if you have any injuries/limitations that he/she should be aware of. All classes are to be taken at your own pace!

Nutrition also plays a major role in weight loss, so if you are looking for guidance and not sure where to start, book in for a nutrition consultation with one of our trainers!

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