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Great local influencers women should follow for fitness and lifestyle!

On March 8th, the world celebrates International Women's Day, recognizing the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and girls, and raising the awareness of all the world left to be done.

To continue to support women and girls in our part of the world, we've curated a list of local female influencers that YOU should follow for fitness and lifestyle inspiration. Some of these women are leaders at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club, some are our ambassadors, and some are strong figures we've grown to love! 

Sharaya Poulin


Sharaya is a Fitness Manager at Steve Nash Morgan Crossing Sports Club! She's a kind soul and a leader that marches by example! Fun fact: she's competed at a physique competition, and LOVES food! 

Jadyn Shen


Jadyn is a Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Langley Fitness World! She's energetic, super fun, and if you're ever feeling unmotivated; follow her on Instagram... she's ALWAYS working!

Meghan Melissis


Meghan is one of our District Fitness Managers at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club! Ladies, if you need inspo to get on your summer bod, she's the one to follow! 

Reg Lok Von


Meet one of our ambassadors! This power mom does everything! From working out and staying in shape, taking care of her children, to keeping you up to date with her awesome blog; her content will get you up and out of that bed every morning to crush the day!

Jess Nadine


Meet Jess Nadine! This mom-to-be is a global heal coach to women, providing content to help you get fit, build confidence, or simply crush the day! If you're a mom or a. mom-to-be, you NEED to give her a follow!

Alejandra Martinez


Meet fitness coach and health and lifestyle expert, Ali Martinez! From nutrition, mentality, to fitness, she'll have motivational and educational content that'll have you feeling like you can #GoBeyond your fitness goals!

Also, we're featuring influential and amazing female figures in our business! To start it off, we're celebrating Teresa Wright! She's one of our District Fitness Managers! Check it out! 

These women are all great follows! We're celebrating them, supporting them, and showing you that there are amazing figures that you can learn from to #GoBeyond your fitness, health, and lifestyle goals!

On March 18th, Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club will be celebrating women's empowerment through fitness and health with our Be HERoes!

Join us for a day of inspo and fitspo, led by some incredible female figures and hosts in the fitness industry talking about all things health and fitness, and how wellness impacts and inspires them as female leaders in our communities. 

Then workout with Power Hour; part bootcamp and part self-care stretch to have you feeling like you can take on the world.

To get in on this event, talk to a team member today at your local Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club location for more details! 

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