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Gift Guide: Valentines Day Gifts for Your Fitness Loving Bae (Both His & Hers!)

Every February 14th, we give some extra love to that special someone in our lives. Sure, Valentines Day is a totally made-up holiday, but showing your appreciation for someone always feels good!

If you have a fitness loving guy or gal in your life, we've got the perfect gifts for them. Valentines Day gifts don't have to break the bank, and can serve as small tokens of love and appreciation for your loved one.

Here is your 2019 Valentines Day Gift Guide for both men and women!

For Him:


1. Shaker Bottle

A good shaker bottle for those post workout protein shakes is essential, and surprisingly hard to come by. The Evlution shaker bottle is leak proof, and holds 28oz, making it the perfect gift!

2. Adidas Running Shorts

Help keep sweat off his skin with these Adidas run shorts! They are lightweight, comfy, and sweat resistance. They are perfect for running outdoors, working out in the gym, or lounging around at home on those lazy Sundays.

3. Massage Balls

His lifting workouts are tough, and you can believe that his muscles are sore after. Get him this massage ball set from TherapyNow to help his aching, post workout muscles. He can use the lacrosse ball for his sore back, and the spiky ball for targeting pain in his legs and lower body! 

For Her:


1. Pink Adidas Tights

Nothing says "Happy Valentines Day" better than a pair of bright pink tights! Perfect for just about any exercise, she will be sure to stand out wearing these tights from Adidas!

2. Fun Gym Bag

This gym bag from Bando says what everybody at the gym is thinking! 

3. Fitbit Accessories

Our Fitbits are super useful pieces of technology. With that being said, they aren't exactly the most in-Vogue, fashionable devices. You can transform her Fitbit into a chic piece of jewelry with this Oitom band!

For Both:

Punny Valentines Day Cards sn_social_feb3-9_valentines_blogimage3

Who doesn't love a good pun? Express your love and appreciation for your significant other with a funny, clever Valentines Day card that speaks to your shared love of fitness