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Get In Shape With These Bodyweight Exercises at home!

Let’s get in shape and stay in shape while we're at home during these times! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just someone looking to stay fit. Here are some bodyweight exercises that can be done indoors, from the comfort of your own home!

These can be done as often as needed depending on your goals. These exercises will help you burn calories, stay flexible, get stronger and faster.

Let’s start with some upper body bodyweight exercises!

Push Ups are great bodyweight exercises!

Push ups

Start off in a prone position face down, arms extended towards the floor and with your hands a little wider apart that shoulder width. Take your hips and knees off the ground. Brace your core and set your shoulders by pulling your shoulder blades down towards your hips.

Drop to the floor with your whole body straight, slightly tucking your elbows in as your go down. Then extend your arms squeezing your chest muscles inwards.

How to make it harder: take one foot of the ground and keep it off the ground for the set. Alternate foot next set.

How to make it easier: do the exercise on your knees.


Start off standing position with a slight knee bend. Bend at the hip and bring your hips back behind you with your hands reaching forward towards the floor. Touch the floor and begin crawling forward until your body is in a front plank position like the push up.

Then start crawling back with your arms until you’re back into the starting standing position. Make sure not to round your lower back.

How to make it harder: Do a push up at the front plank portion of the exercise.

How to make it easier: do crawls on top of bench or an elevated position.

Here are some lower body bodyweight exercises!


Air Squats

Start with your feet hip width apart and feet pointing straight forward. Keeping your weight on the middle of your feet, knees slightly pointed outwards and core braced, lower into a squat position. Depending on how flexible you are try to go as low as you’re able. Come up by extending your hips forward and straightening your legs. 

How to make it harder: Turn the exercise into a jump squat! Or do a squat then reverse lunge, squat again and alternate legs.

How to make it easier: Do a seated squat by finding a chair or an elevation where you can fully sit down and stand up and down into squat position.

Alternating Front Lunges are good for home workouts!

Alternating Front Lunges

Start standing up with your feet parallel about hip width apart. Keeping your core braced, lunge forward with either leg putting most of your weight on the lead leg.

Let your knee pass your toes a bit and rotate your knee outwards slightly keeping the weigh middle of the foot on your arch. Step back into your starting position and alternate lunging with the other foot.

 How to make it harder: Do alternating jump lunges! jump into the lunge positioning and jump again to alternate to the other leg. Spend as little time on the floor as possible while maintaining balance and knee positioning.

How to make it easier: Do stationary lunges! Hold on to something nearby and go into a lunge position. Don’t alternate legs and finish a set on each leg forward first.

And finally, here are some full body bodyweight exercises:


Start in a standing position with a slight knee bend. Bend at the hips and touch the floor. Jump back and bring your feet back to get into a front plank (pushup) position). Jump forward and bring your feet back into squat position, stand up and jump up.

How to make it harder: Do a pushup at the bottom of the burpee once you’re in the front plank position.

How to make it easier: Do the burpee putting your hands on an elevated position instead of the floor.

Take care to make sure you stretch before and after your exercise. Include a sensible diet and don’t be afraid to try the harder versions of the exercises!

Need more guidance on creating a workout plan? Want more awesome content like this? Check out our YouTube channel for awesome home workouts, and continue to check out our blog!

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