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Get a Full Body Workout with 3D XTREME™!

3D XTREME™ is a brand-new Group Fitness class format to SNFC that fuses the best of two worlds: a full body, high-intensity workout and team-oriented drills––sports day style!

Highlighted by the BOSU® Balance Trainers and with the help of stability balls and sandbells, in this class, you will work your way through a system of three triplexes: three stations of three sets. Each set has a unique duration, allowing you to "Practice It, Push It, and Crush It". You then finish each triplex with a team challenge that channels your inner child... and maybe your inner playful competitiveness!

3D Extreme Group Fitness Class

What to expect

Each class will be uniquely designed to train the body through various planes of motion. The first round you do, the "Practice It" round, is a chance for you to see the exercise and take the body through the range of motion safely. Since this is the longest duration round, listen to the cues of the instructor to maximize this round. The second round, "Push It," is your chance to work on performace––it's slightly shorter than the Practice It round. Finally, you finish with the shortest round, the "Push It" round, by giving it everything you got in one last push before moving on to the fun and playful team challenge. You can expect anything from racing down the line and tagging off the next person to a team plank drill. Who will win the challenge?

3D Extreme Group Fitness Class

While there are no prizes and winners per se, this is your chance to let out your inner competitiveness in a healthy environment. A quick water break resets you for the next triplex series.

3D XTREME™ powered by BOSU® is the ultimate solution to rev up your metabolism and incorporate more play back in to your workouts. Check out our Group Fitness schedule to find it at a club near you. 

About Daniela

daniela tempesta - fitness manager - snfc

Daniela Tempesta is a Steve Nash Fitness Clubs Group Fitness Manager, BCPTI Group Fitness Educator, BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders, award-winning dancer and Personal Trainer. She has been in the fitness industry for 16 years and has been in the dance industry for 20 years. She is proud to offer Steve Nash members a class experience that fuses her two passions: fitness and dance. Get inspired at one of her amazing classes today.


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