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Fuel Your Body and Brain with Energii Bites

Constantly hitting that afternoon slump?

We know those tight timelines, busy projects, and lengthy meetings don’t help! You may find yourself reaching for a sugary drink or a candy bar to get back on track, however with those come a negative impact on your health.

But hold up! There’s a way to boost those energy levels without hurting your body. Freshii, the fastest growing restaurant brand in the world, is on a mission to make healthy food convenient and affordable for even the busiest of people. You may be familiar with Freshii fan favourites – like the Pangoa or Oaxaca bowl – however they’ve now rolled out a must-try new snack: Energii Bites!

Don’t be fooled by Freshii’s simple recipe – Energii Bites pack a big nutritional (and tasty!) punch.

Whether it’s the classic version made of peanut butter, oats, honey, chocolate chips & coconut, or the brand-new Cocoa Bites with added cocoa and walnuts, you’re in for a treat. Hello healthy fats and brain-boosting superfoods! Made-in-store and designed by Freshii’s in-house nutritionist, Energii Bites provide the fuel you need without sacrificing that sweet taste you crave. A guilt-free indulgence!

Stop by your nearest Freshii location today for an Energii Bites boost, and don’t forget to follow the brand on social media for other exciting menu launches.

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