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Frozen Yogurt: A Happy and Healthy Way to Stay Cool This Summer

The summer energy has been buzzing here in Vancouver.

Kits beach is packed, lakes are full, paddleboards & volleyballs are out; the heat is here and we like it. ;)

However, as we think about staying happy and healthy in this heat, hydration is number one. Of course this means drinking a ton of water, but it also means finding other (yummier!) ways to stay cool.

Frozen yogurt, anyone?!

Frozen yogurt may be a healthier alternative to ice-cream, with its lower fat content and probiotic nature, but just as sweet & delicious. Which is why it’s a favourite at Freshii – a restaurant on a mission to make healthy food convenient and affordable.

To build on this August energy, Freshii has once again launched their “Happii Hour” promotion. Until August 31st, visit any Freshii location between 2-4pm to receive 50% off frozen yogurt. And yes, that includes one energizing topping! Top your sweet treat healthy fats like almonds or walnuts, go the fresh route with strawberries, apple or mango, or indulge with chocolate chips.

A sweet (and healthy!) treat that beats the heat AND is 50% off!? Bring it on. Stop by your local Freshii location from August 1st-31st, and make sure to follow them on social media for more energizing deals!

This article was contributed by our friends at Freshii. Members at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club receive 10% off at select Freshii locations in the BC Lower Mainland. View more of our Member Perks here

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