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4 SNFC Trainers to Follow on Instagram for #WorkoutInspo

Instagram can be a great source of fitness motivation. You can even save photos for inspiration later, kind of like Pinterest! With so many people snapping progress photos, you may feel like you’re ready to jump out of your Instagram hole and head straight to the gym … but what do you do when you get there?

To help you out, we wanted to give you some professional advice that you can take with you anywhere! And guess what? It changes up nearly daily!

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By following personal trainers on Instagram, you can get new workouts delivered right to your Instagram feed nearly every day!

Here are 4 SNFC trainers you should follow for fitness motivation:

Matthew Boykowich

Instagram handle: @boykowich 

Matthew is one of our trainers in Abbotsford Fitness World! If you’re looking for some ideas to make some #gainz, you definitely want to see what he’s up to. Providing you with an "exercise of the day", Matthew focuses on showing you one (maybe two, if you're lucky!) exercises that you can add into your routine. Whether it's a piece of equipment you never thought to use, or a new way to use one, he's sure to keep your routine fresh


Tyler Yorko

Intagram handle: @yorko.performance

If you struggle to keep your fitness routine creative and fresh, check out Tyler’s Instagram page for easy additions to your gym time. As one of our trainers from Brentwood Sports Club, he even shows us how to use the equipment you’re probably still unsure about (like kettlebells!).

Sarah Holm:

Instagram handle: @sarahh_pt

Every Wednesday, Sarah, from Langley Fitness World, gives you new workouts, showing you how to use certain equipment or target specific muscle groups. Her #WorkoutWednesdays give specific guidelines to ensure you can follow easily during your next workout. You can also check out some of the routines she does with her own clients!

Olivia Rabb:

Instagram handle: @oliviarabbfitness

Looking for ways to use a specific piece of equipment? You’d be surprised at the number of exercises you can do with just a Bosu ball, cables, and an exercise band! Olivia (another one of our Langley personal trainers) gives easy ways to use the various equipment at the gym, with many of the exercises you can even take home!


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