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The Fitness Tech You NEED for Training Outdoors in the Winter

Cold winter weather is here to stay. If you love exercising outdoors, you're going to want to own these pieces of winter fitness tech!

They'll make outdoor training in cold weather a little more enjoyable and can serve multiple purposes for you!


The Fitness Tech You NEED for Training Outdoors in the Winter

Here's what tech you're going to want for outdoor winter training:


Headband Headphones

Say goodbye to your cold head and headphones falling out of your ears! When it's cold out, we lose on average 10% of the heat our heads. To combat that and keep your head nice and toasty, running headwear is key. The Blue ear headband will double as your headphones while keeping your head warm at the same time! The headband is made with breathable, sweat absorbing material that will keep your head nice and warm, while the headphones are over the ear and utilize wireless bluetooth technology!

Upper Body

Hoodie Buddie

Tangled headphone wires will be a thing of the past with the Hoodie Buddie! This warm, insulated hoodie has built in, high quality headphones where you would normally find the drawstrings. The headphones are machine-washable safe meaning they won't ever get damaged while cleaning! This hoodie will keep you warm, your phone safe, and your music within reach at all times.

The North Face Etip Gloves

It's a dilemma we've all faced before in the winter; do we keep our hands warm or use our phone? With the North Face Etip gloves, you'll be able to do both! The tips of these gloves are touchscreen-capable, meaning you won't have to take them off to send a text or scroll through your newsfeed. The gloves are perfect for running as they will keep your hands warm, but won't overheat them!

Lower Body

Sensoria Socks

If your ankles could talk to you, they would probably have some suggestions for you to improve your running technique. It's 2018 and this is now entirely possible. Sensoria Socks feature sensors in their fabric that provide the most accurate tracking of steps taken, calories burnt, and distance traveled and are the first to provide tracking of cadence and technique recognition. These socks can help you identify injury-prone techniques you may be using and work to help you correct them. Like any sports sock, they are sweat resistant and will keep your feet dry while you walk and run in them.

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