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Fitness Classes Designed to Help You Achieve Your Best Summer Body Yet

As summer approaches, the gym will be at one of its busiest times, with everyone pushing for that summer body.

Instead of being frustrated and waiting for your turn to use the right equipment or the right weight–how about giving fitness classes a try? They are just as effective as a gym workout, but set in a fun, dynamic, and energetic environment with other, like-minded individuals.

I will be sharing a few of our Group Fitness programs designed to help prepare you for that summer experience you always wanted. Think of all the mountains you will hike, all the festivals you'll attend, all the races that you might participate in, and of course, all of the beaches that you will enjoy once that glorious sunshine is upon us.

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For those of you who want to achieve your summer beach body, join the fun at SNFC with Buff Body, 3D Core, and 3D Glutes Fitness Classes.

Buff Body targets key body parts for that ultimate strength & confidence. Throughout the class, you will slowly sculpt, tone, and buff your body for your best summer body ever. If that is not enough, you can bundle this up with 3D Core and 3D Glutes – class formats designed to help you achieve a six-pack–as well as a gorgeous posterior–through effective conditioning of all three layers of core muscles, and all of the functional movement and power of your glutes.

Fitness Classes Designed to Help You Achieve Your Best Summer Body Yet: Sticks + Stones

For water sport enthusiasts, summer is the perfect time to be out and about on your surf boards, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or even joining our local rowing and dragon boating clubs.

While it is always great to be crushing your personal best on the rowing machine, I would suggest you to give a Surf + Sand or Sticks + Stones class a try, in order to gain more holistic benefits from your workout routines. Surf + Sand combines balance and strength on the SURFSET® to achieve that lean, but muscular surfer body. Every exercise on the board is designed to engage your core and the stabilizer muscles to shock the system for a lasting change inside and out.

Sticks + Stones, on the other hand, uses the TRX RIP Trainer as a tool to help you develop unilateral muscle strength. It is both a versatile and challenging class for those who want to improve balance, build rotational power, increase stamina, and strengthen the core. It's perfect not only for kayakers and rowers, but also climbers and golfers!

Fitness Classes Designed to Help You Achieve Your Best Summer Body Yet: Street Dance and Hip Hop

For those of you who are planning to attend some of the hottest summer music festivals around town – perhaps you can join us in our Street Dance or Hip Hop classes! Sharpen up your moves and be dance-ready for all of the festivities.

And finally, for those of you who want to build endurance, or even to step up your cycling experiences in the summer – we have plenty of fun, engaging indoor cycling classes for you to join at all of our Fitness World and Sports Club locations, including Cycle Beats and Hills + Drills.

Fitness Classes Designed to Help You Achieve Your Best Summer Body Yet: Hills + Drills and Cycle Beats Cycling Class

There you have it–a well-rounded Group Fitness Spring routine tailored for all types of individuals to get you excited about all of your summer goals and experiences.

Whatever you choose to do, be it on the gym floor or in the group fitness studio, always remember that fitness is not a seasonal trend, it is a lifestyle; that way, you will be always on top of your fitness game every single day and you will feel amazing all year long!

Want more Group Fitness? Download our Summer Sweat Guide to help you hit your summer fitness goals!

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