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Fitness Activities or Group Workouts that you can do as a family!

The month of February brings Family Day!

The perfect opportunity to get out and do something active with your loved ones. With everyone living busy lives, it can be difficult to not only find time together, but also find time to exercise as well. Below you will find options to do both! Quality family time, while keeping active! The key to having an active family, is finding things that you all enjoy doing together.

Try Yoga or our Group Fitness classes with your family and friends this weekend!

In the winter months comes snow! If getting outside and being active in the snow is for you, try these activities that won’t necessarily feel like a workout at all:

  • Ice Skating
  • Sledding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Snowball fight!
  • Shovelling now
  • Building a snowman

If the snow isn’t for you, these are some great options to incorporate inside the gym:

Group Personal Training - This is a great option to incorporate as a family. Working with one of our personal trainers will have you working together as a team, and having fun!

You can do Group Personal Training and Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club!

GT12 - This small group training class is a designed as a circuit. This class will give you the Power of Group Fitness, with the results of Personal Training. In this class you have a team mentality. Likeminded people working together to accomplish their goals!

Cycling - You may not be able to get outside and on your bike in the winter, so why not try it indoors. There are lots of classes designed to fit your needs. If the feel of outdoor riding is for you, try our “Hills and Drills” class. Great for increasing your speed and endurance. If fun and upbeat music is your drive, try “Cycle Beats”. All tracks are designed to help you burn calories, sweat and have fun in the group cycling studio.

5KM Treadmill challenge - Why not hop on a treadmill and see who can hit 5km the fastest! This will have you challenging each other, and yet another way of making fitness fun!

Exercising together will not only improve you and your child’s health, but in children it will also improve confidence, reduce anxiety, improve mood, allow for better sleep, better performance at school, and also strengthens your family bond. Working out and staying active doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it simple, even if it means getting out of the house and just going for a walk.

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