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Essential Checklist to Start "Adulting" in 2018

One thing is certain: adulting is hard. 

It's one thing to pay rent and bills, go to your job, try to stay connected with your friends, and eat properly. With such a full schedule,  there are a few things that go unnoticed—until your mom points out that you've gone 4 years without seeing the dentist. *facepalm*

Whether you're new to the adulting scene, or are a seasoned pro, everyone needs a reminder of the appointments to make as an adult, how often you should visit, and what habits you should form, today!

Essential Appointments and Habits

Appointments to make: 

1. Doctor's Appointment: once per year 

Whether you go to a family doctor, walk-in clinic or naturopath, it's important that you have a physical once per year to make sure everything is in-check. From mineral and vitamin deficiencies, hormone balances, and general well-being. 

Make sure to also chat about anything that's been out-of-the ordinary or concerned you (don't hold back, there is nearly nothing they haven't heard).

2. Dentist Appointments: every 6 months

A healthy mouth is key to overall health. Gum disease, infections, cavities, etc. can all be precursors to bigger health issues.

Did you know that digestion starts in your mouth? This is where you first start to break down carbohydrates! You know what you need to help facilitate that? Teeth! Your dentist will make sure you keep all of those. 

3. Optometrist: once every 2 years 

One thing that can easily be overlooked (especially if you think you have 20/20 eyesight, or glasses that you've have for 3 years). 

Our eyesight changes as we age, and while you once had perfect vision, that may start deteriorating. Already have glasses? Your prescription likely has changed and the glasses from 5 years ago are probably doing more harm than good now!

Essential Appointments and Habits

4. Registered Massage Therapist or Chiropractor: varies per person

This isn't just a #TreatYourself thing. While it is an amazing stress reliever, you may also be surprised at how much your body can benefit. Focusing on anything from specific injury recovery, or overall injury prevention, anyone will benefit from the effects of an RMT or chiropractor. 

5. Visit the Gynecologist (for women): once per year

It's important to take care of your reproductive organs! And OB/GYN's don't just look at pregnancy or diseases. They have a better understanding and sense of issues that might be happening with your body. 

Habits to start (if you haven't already): 

6. Start taking vitamins.

Everyone is different. So talking to a doctor, naturopath, personal trainer or nutritionist is a great start to learn what you need to best suit your activity level, age, and diet. 

Best tip? Be sure take a B Complex and Vitamin D supplement (at least in the fall/winter/spring!) 

Essential Appointments and Habits

7. Set your sleep patterns.

Going to bed or waking up at different times each night is not good for your overall health, and can lead to a decrease in productivity, changing diet behaviours, weakened immune systems, the list goes on. 

Try finding a nighttime routine that calms you down and signals that it's time for bed. Drink tea, read a book, meditate. 

8. Make self-care a priority.

As young adults, it can be hard to prioritize yourself. Work, social life, maybe you've started a family. 

Try setting out some "me time" each day. Even if it's your 30-minute night time routine.   

9. Find an exercise that makes you happy!

Running, rock-climbing, yoga, crossfit, rollerblading–WHATEVER! Find something that gets you physically active everyday. If it's sustainable, it works. 

It's not always love at first sight, though. Try out some exercises for a few weeks before deciding they're not for you, like group fitness classes or some time with a personl trainer.

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