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Denis Kang, UFC GYM: Coaching Beyond the Octagon

Denis Kang has been on world stage since 2009, when he made his 2009 debut with UFC.

So what does this world-class athlete have to do with UFC GYM BC and #TeamSNFC?

Denis Kang joined our team in June 2016 and is now the Head Coach of our UFC GYM BC Coquitlam location. We’re thrilled to have Denis on the team. It’s great to have someone like Denis with a proven track record in MMA––he brings the authenticity of MMA to the UFC GYM BC brand.

Denis Kang - UFC GYM


“Not only is Denis an incredible fighter and coach, but he brings a sense of humility and willingness to learn that has created this very accessible and inclusive environment for all fitness levels at UFC GYM BC.”

- Emre Ozgur, Director of UFC GYM

We wanted to know more about Denis’ background and his move to UFC GYM BC:

I competed professionally in MMA for about 15 years, taking part in many organizations including Pride, K-1 and UFC. I found that coaching was really a natural progression for me from there.

Denis Kang - UFC GYM

What originally interested you in joining the team as a Coach?

It was a natural fit because of my time with UFC and previous coaching. I also liked that UFC GYM BC is run by a local and community oriented organization, Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club. 

How have you grown with UFC GYM?

Before starting with UFC GYM BC, I had to become a certified personal trainer. I enrolled at the BC Personal Training Institue (BCPTI) and achieved my NASM Certification in Personal Training. It was fun to be a student and refine my skills as a coach and instructor. I learned a lot.

Denis Kang - UFC Gym

His advice for aspiring UFC Gym Fitness Coaches?

“Have an open mind, be patient with your athletes, and never stop challenging them.”

Career Opportunities

At UFC GYM, we offer the ultimate fitness experience by fusing the multi-disciplined approach of mixed martial arts with state-of-the-art equipment, world class fitness coaches and a wide variety of classes. Above all, we strive to build a community of fitness enthusiasts that welcomes and encourages anyone and everyone to be at their best. If this sounds like the career for you, visit our new website to view current opportunities.