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Cross-Training and the Importance of Shaking Things Up

You've finally found your rhythm: you have a few classes you love, solid and motivating instructors you follow, and a weekly schedule you're able to commit to long term.

Sounds like smooth sailing, right?

The problem with this long-term is the potential for injuries, plateauing, and boredom. Over-training is a concern for everyone that lives an active lifestyle, however it seems to be most prevalent in the Group Fitness department, masked in ways not easily recognizable.

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Have you ever wondered why when you first became more active it was so easy to see significant changes but after finding a consistent rhythm, those changes are harder and harder to recognize? Amongst a few other factors, plateauing plays a role in that, and it's usually because we haven't changed our workout plans in a while. It's easy to get comfortable and set in your ways, but that can quickly become a stagnant place to exist, manifesting in your inability to drop pounds, gain muscle or obtain other goals you may have.

Cross-Training and the Importance of Shaking Things Up

So how do we combat over-training? Cross-training is a fantastic solution that will allow you to continue training regularly while minimizing the aforementioned factors.

A few easy solutions to shaking things up are:

  1. Switch up the days you normally workout on.
  2. Switch up the time of day of your workouts.
  3. Try a few classes you've never tried before!
  4. Try out a new Instructor.
  5. Add more 'calm' to the 'storms' by incorporating some yoga classes to compliment your higher intensity classes.
  6. Go the 'distance' and check out some classes at a location you don't normally visit.

Cross-Training and the Importance of Shaking Things Up

These are quick and easy to implement immediately into your life without drastically committing to an entirely new lifestyle. You don't need to do them all, just choose 1 and see how that influences your body. And, an added bonus of cross-training is staving off boredom, one of the top reasons to 'fall off the wagon' and lose your motivation.

At SNFC, we offer over 800+ classes a week, lead by some of the industry's top instructors. so take advantage and experience something new for yourself! View our Group Fitness schedule here.

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