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Create Healthy Routines For the Best Day Ever - Each Day!

Do you swear by the perfect morning routine to set your day up? Maybe reading for an hour before bed ensures you have the best night's sleep?

It's well known that setting routines and habits lead to success – look at Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg who all stuck with similar clothing each day. By making one less decision, they were able to put their time and energy into their goals and work. 

Having morning, evening, and everyday habits that you follow means you can focus on making decisions that really matter, and use that extra energy to be creative or lead a new project. 

Here are a few ways that you can get started creating healthy routines! 

Setting a morning routine:

create healthy routines for the best day ever

This is an important step, since a productive morning can set you up for a productive day! Here are a few things that you can make part of your morning routine: 

  • Meditation: Tools like Calm or Headspace are great if you're just starting out in the meditation space. Meditation lets you set intentions for your day and refocus your goals.

  • Exercise: Get your blood flowing to add some extra energy to your morning! Not only does exercise boost metabolism for the rest of your day, but it can also help to relieve stress before it even hits!

  • Breakfast: A nutrient-packed breakfast like a smoothie, overnight oats, or an omelette gives you the fuel you need for a productive morning. 

  • Journaling: Using a personal notebook, the Five Minute Journal, or a productivity planner, you can set out your to-do lists and your intentions before being bombarded with additional requests. 

  • Take a cold shower: If you feel adventurous, try alternating your morning shower, swapping hot vs. cold. It's said to boost your immunity, energy and metoblism

Setting an evening routine: 

Create healthy habits for the best day ever

Just like setting a morning routine for a productive day, putting an evening routine in place will help you to wind down and get a great night's rest. Because a good night's sleep is only the start of your tomorrow! 

Some things to include in your evening routine: 

  • Aim to finish eating dinner 2-3 hours (minimum) before bed: Giving yourself time to digest pre-sleep means a decreased chance of waking up in the night from indigestion or blood sugar spikes. 

  • A little #SelfCare: Indulge in yourself a little to help you relax. Whether you want to take a warm shower, take some extra time with your skin care routine or cozy up on the couch for some cuddle time, do it every night. This will let your body know it's time to wind down. 

  • Journal – yes, again: Is there anything on your mind that might keep you from falling asleep? Maybe create a flow chart of ideas, or jot down your high's and low's of the day, along with what will make tomorrow better. 

  • Reading a book: Yes, we mean a physical book, or even Kindle can work as it doesn't expose you to the same light that your computer or phone does. On that note... 

  • Turn your phone/computer/TV off 30 minutes before bed: The longer you can go without screentime before bed, the better! That means opening that book, listening to a podcast, or chatting with your significant other. 

Other habits to fit into your day: 

  • Drinking 2L (or more!) of water: try keeping a 1L jar at your desk, filling up once when you get to work, and once at lunch. 

  • Go for three 10-minute walks: try breaking up your day by going for walks. Grab a colleague and take a stroll around the block, or grab some coffee. 

  • Hit up your closest gym:  Have trouble fitting in exercise before/after work? Use your lunch break to break a sweat!

  • Eating: This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people get so caught-up in their work, that they forget to eat (crazy, right?!) This can lead to over-eating later in the day/evening. Combat this by packing snacks and grazing throughout the day. 

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