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CEO and Father of Five: Meet our Leader, Chris Smith

Ever wondered what it's like to be a CEO and Dad to five kids?

Us too–that's why we grilled our President and CEO, Chris Smith, to ask him what a day in his life looks like, and how he makes fitness a key part of his family life. Keep reading to discover what we found out!

A typical work day for our CEO starts at around 6:00am.

He usually tries to get in a workout, or catch up on some e-mails, and still usually has time to check in with his kids as they start their days getting ready for school. (Did we mention there are FIVE of them?!)

CEO and Father of Five: Meet our Leader, Chris Smith

Chris then heads in to the office or one of our 23 club locations in BC by 8:30am. From there, every day varies based on his meetings or schedule of club visits. He is usually home between 5:00-7:00pm depending on what’s going on at work. He aims to get home in time to eat dinner with his wife and kids, as they try to eat together as a family as often as possible.

"One of the great things is that at this point in my career, I am able to flex my schedule and responsibilities to accommodate all of my kids' major activities. Over the years it has been a real challenge juggling five children between my wife and I, but so far it has worked out, and we wouldn’t trade the family chaos for anything."
- Chris Smith, SNFC President & CEO

We wanted to know more, so we dug deeper, and asked a few more questions!

What do you love about fitness?

I love that fitness makes a difference, no matter what ails you in life, or what struggles you have. I also love that fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The variation in workout styles or programs are practically endless, so anyone can find something that truly interests them, or allows them to evolve in their fitness journey, as their interest in fitness may change over the years.

How do you incorporate fitness into your personal life?

I enjoy lifting weights a couple times a week, as well as a couple of Yoga classes weekly, and I like to cycle seasonally 2-3 times a week. It's always been a big part of my life, and has shaped me as far as who I am and what I do.

How has fitness has influenced the way you parent?

All of my kids have grown up very active. We try to limit factors in their lives that would contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle–we limit TV and electronics to encourage playing outside, we limit junk food or processed food to encourage healthy eating, and lastly, we have some exercise equipment at home that they can use if they choose to.

What are your favourite activities to do with your family to stay healthy?

We do all sorts of things from playing soccer, touch football, basketball, hiking, and even family yoga. I think our approach has been all about exposure to different things, in a hope that at some point something would click for each of them, and they could naturally have passion for physical activities. In the end, my favourites things are anything where we are together having fun and making memories.

We think that's pretty cool. 

What activities do you participate in with your family to stay healthy?


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