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Success Story: How Brandon T. Became a Fitness Inspiration for His Family

Brandon started his journey in 2013, in a small town in the Northwest Territories. At the time, Brandon was 260 lbs, and had never lifted a weight in his life–and didn't even think he could. 

Stepping on the scale was Brandon's turning point.

He knew that it was time to start making changes, and luckily, a small gym opened up in his town. Being exposed to machines, weights and new opportunities piqued his interest as he continued to use the facilities–even as other community members stopped going. 

Success Story: How Brandon T. Became a Fitness Inspiration for His Family

Using his older brother for motivation, Brandon began spending his free time at the gym. After only a few short weeks of sweaty training sessions and morning cardio, he began seeing results and became fixed on the energy and results he was seeing. These results encouraged him to continue crushing new goals - like lifting heavier than his older brother! Nowadays, Brandon's older brother comes to him for health tips and motivation. 

Brandon moved to Victoria to attend Camosun College and get his personal trainer certificate. Here, he strengthened his passion for fitness thanks to Steve Nash Victoria Fitness World. Brandon was mesmerized by the variety of equipment, community atmosphere and spirit. 

"My success story is now also changing other people's lives as well, and there is no downside to living a healthy life style."

One day, Brandon hopes to be a personal trainer with SNFC.

His big goal? Move home to help change the next generation's perspective on living a healthy lifestyle and give them someone to look up to, similar to how Brandon looked up to his older brother. 

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