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Best Stretches To Do Before and After a GT12 Session

Want to get the most out of your GT12 Class? It is important to prepare your body the next hour of hard-hitting fun with these stretches before and after your workout!

Before a GT12 Session 


After doing some Self-Myofascial Release with a foam roller, try adding some Dynamic Stretches to your warm-up routine. Dynamic warmups or stretching includes a series of movements designed to move through a range of motion to increase body temperature, bring muscles into a greater range of motion and increases blood flow into your muscles.  

An example of a dynamic stretch for your hamstrings starts by standing with your legs hip-width apart. Bend forward and reach for your ankles while allowing your knees to bend. Hold your ankles as you extend your knees to bring your hamstrings into a stretch and hold for one to three seconds. Bring your knees back into flexion and repeat for six to eight times.

Another great stretch to do before your GT12 class involves a side to side lateral lunge with a reach. Stand upright with your legs beyond shoulder width apart and bring your hips and body to your right side while hinging at the hips. With your left hand, reach to your right foot while keeping your right leg bent and the left one straight.

After a GT12 Session       


Start again with Self-Myofascial Release with a foam roller or a trigger point ball to calm your body down first and then continue on to Static Stretching. With static stretching, we want to hold the stretch for about 20-30 seconds to increase the circulation to the tired muscles and release built up tension.

Remember to breathe and coordinate your movements with your breathing as well. An example of a Static Stretch for your quadriceps after all those fun box jumps and lunges starts with standing facing away half a meter or so from a bench or box. Lift up the leg you want to stretch and place it onto the bench with the top of your foot on the flat surface.

When you feel like you have a stable base, drop the knee on the same leg that’s on the box towards the ground and push backwards. A nice stretch along the front of the thighs should stand out. Hold for 20-30 seconds or until you feel the muscle relax.

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