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Best spots for a post-workout meal after GT12 in the Lower Mainland | Part I

Did you just finish a tough but fun GT12 session? Or, are you taking a GT12 session soon? 

Cool, have you thought about how you're going to replenish and recover afterwards? 

Well, regardless of what club you're taking GT12 at, I've put together a shortlist of healthy food spots for you to try!


SMAK is a great spot for clean eats with a wide-variety of drinks to help you recover. Whether you want hot food, a smoothie bowl, some green juice, or a salad, SMAK can fulfill your cravings quickly and in a healthy way. 

Did we mention there's one near Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club and another near Steve Nash Fitness World? It's literally a minute walk from the building; we recommend you try it out!

2. Festal Cafe

Are you on a Paleo diet, or are you trying to watch your carb intake? 

Festal Cafe is for YOU. Delicious variations of some of your comfort food favourites from pastas, burgers, pizzas, and desserts. Plus, it's a cute spot for you to drop by with the GT12 fam to take pictures for your Instagram. 

3. Feshii

Sprinkled all across the Lower Mainland, Freshii is the mainstream, healthy fast-food stop for you and the GT12 fam! 

Delicious rice and salad bowls (or wraps) and fresh juices are a combination built for post-workout success. 

Wanna try these places out? Awesome, but are they part of your plan? Talk to a Personal Trainer today to get started on tracking your nutrition to Go Beyond your fitness goals? 

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