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Best Group Fitness Classes For Athletes

When it comes to improving athletic performance you want to be focusing on power, explosiveness, and endurance. Athletes are expected to be the best of the best and perform at a much higher than average level.

Competition is an athletes biggest motivation so what better way to workout than in a competitive (but still friendly) environment like a group fitness class? Here at Steve Nash we have over 900 group fitness classes to choose from each week so to help out I narrowed it down to the top 3 that will be sure to kick any athletes butt.



The name says it all. In Powerwave class participants move through a high intensity circuit style class based around using the battle ropes. Battle ropes are not only physically demanding but also require coordination, speed, and agility. This class will put you in a different mental state of determination as you push your way through each interval mastering the various patterns of the ropes.

Buff Body

Similar to powerwave in the way that you will be moving through a circuit style workout, however this time your intervals are all strength based. Building a strong foundation of muscular strength will help with creating the power you need to be explosive on the court, field, or arena. In this class participants have the opportunity to push themselves in picking up a heavier weight for a bigger challenge and can see their progressions throughout week to week during this full body strength based class.


Using boxing drills and skills to develop cardio endurance, power, and core strength. Not only will this class encourage that competitive drive and determination within athletes, but it will also develop new skills within coordination and using your whole body working together for maximum power. This class will get you sweating like no other bringing you to a whole new fitness level and sculpt you into that athletic physique.


No Stress Stretch

To finish off your training you want to make sure you have proper recovery with our No Stress Stretch class. This class is where you will cover injury prevention and mobility. It’s impossible to build proper strength without proper range of motion.

Athletes need to make sure they are able to quickly adjust, move side to side, and twist without pulling or tearing a muscle. You can be sure this class will cover a full body stretch and release to help relieve and prevent sore muscles. Improving athletic performance takes all types of training, and with these three classes you are sure to bring home that MVP title and have a great time doing it.

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