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Best Fitness Classes To Boost Your Heart Health

Well, truthfully any and all forms of physical activity are great for your heart!

If you want to improve the hearts' ability to function, then all you really need to focus on is choosing the classes that actually challenge you. This would vary drastically from person to person based on their current health, physical condition and of course their activity level.

There are so many classes to choose from so outside of choosing one that pushes you a little, you want to make sure that you enjoy it! If you are going to be participating in anything having needs to be a part of it, and sometimes if a class is too hard it’s not fun for anyone! So, how do you decide?

Here is a basic breakdown of the group fitness classes that will definitely help you strengthen your cardiovascular health:


1. HIIT/Tabata

Majority of these classes will have modifications of exercise, but provide a powerful cardio punch and a full body workout to leave you huffing and puffing if you push yourself which is hard not too with the energy and music pumping. 

Intensity: Moderate- High


2. Yoga/Pilates

Surprising more challenging then most would expect so depending on your flexibility and core strength this will vary in intensity. No heavy cardio will be occurring, but you will feel the burn!

Intensity: Low-Moderate

3. Spin/Cycle

A big gym favourite, full of sweetness and heavy breathing! This one can make you or break you, but the good thing is you are in control of your bikes resistance. This high energy class keeps you motivated and coming back for more!

Intensity: Moderate - High


4. Dance/Zumba

Dance is great way to keep active all the while working on those dance moves and confidence! This class gets the full body moving in all directions providing you with a moderate cardio session that will fly right on by!

Intensity: Moderate

As mentioned previously, all exercise will assist in improving heart health, even basic weight training. Getting out there and exploring option is the best way to find out what type you truly enjoy, more you like it the more you’ll do it and keep it up. Just remember sometimes change is good and trying new things to help challenging your body will forever assist in keeping your heart pumping away!