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BCPTI Graduates Share Their Experience with Us

The Fall 2017 BC Personal Training Institute (BCPTI) session is about to kick off! We’ve reached out to recent graduates to share their experiences during the seven-week program and guaranteed job placement with #TeamSNFC.

Here’s What Our BCPTI Graduates & Now Personal Trainers Had to Say:

William Odhams  - BCPTI grad - SNFC Personal Trainer

William, Personal Trainer, Morgan Crossing Sports Club

I am extremely grateful for the education I received at BCPTI. The enthusiasm, years of experience and practical expertise Chad and Shelley bring to the program is unmatched. Through their passion, continued support and innovative methods, these exemplary instructors inspired me and gave me the confidence to hone my own skill set.

The main reason I chose BCPTI was because it was a hands-on, in-person course that could be completed in an intense seven-week time frame. The structure of the course not only supplied the technical and scientific knowledge, but also focused on service and sales training, which has been critical towards me becoming effective as a Personal Trainer.

“The BCPTI education directly set me up for success when starting a new job and being able to provide exceptional service to my clients.”

Thank you, Chad, Shelley and Christina, for your dedication and setting the standard of excellence all Personal Trainers should strive for!

Michael Chan - BCPTI grad - SNFC Personal trainer

Mike, Personal Trainer, Langley Fitness World

I entered the health and fitness industry with a passion to inspire and to empower my community with my experience and knowledge. I was referred to BCPTI and heard only great things about the education program with Chad, Christina, and other great instructors.

It was refreshing to be surrounded by likeminded individuals and knowledgeable instructors. The relevant, cutting edge teaching techniques kept the curriculum exciting and fun.

The guaranteed job placement upon graduation made a smooth transition into Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club (SNFC). They ensured the location was convenient and that the team was a good fit for me; I felt setup for success. Within my first two months I had set a BCPTI “rookie record” with SNFC.

I can't thank the company enough for such an amazing opportunity to make fitness the best part of my members' day. I wake up every day LOVING what I do and what I can do in the upcoming weeks.


To learn more about the BC Personal Training Institute (BCPTI),
please visit the website at www.bcpti.ca.