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Bathing Suits You Need For Your Body Type

How to get a beach body: have a body, hit up a beach. 

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Healthy living isn't just about hitting the gym and eating whole foods. It's about finding balance, like taking some time to spread out on a beach and bask in the sun (maybe in Hawaii). To help you feel your most confident, we're giving you some insight into the bathing suits that suit each body type.

 Bathing Suits You Need For Your Body TypePhoto courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Pear Shape

When you're blessed with a curvy behind, go for an eye catching piece on top, and full coverage on the bottom.  

Choosing a strong print, or a fun bow will draw the eye toward the upper half. 

Bathing Suits You Need For Your Body Type
Photo courtesy of Nettles Tale

Full Bust

Sometimes, finding a bathing suit that can cover all that your girls have to offer is hard... have you ever tried finding a sports bra that can even hold them down?! 

A thicker strap, underwire and adjustable strap are all wonderful assets in your swimsuit to help stay covered. 

Bathing Suits You Need For Your Body Type
Photo courtesy of Roxy

Small Bust

You have a lot of options with a swimsuit, especially since you don't need to worry about too much slipping out when a wave hits.  Try out a strapless with a lower neckline!

But if you want to add a little optical illusion, include some frills, go for a bright colour. 

Bathing Suits You Need For Your Body Type
Photo courtesy of Union Swimwear


Choose a suit that can accentuate all of your assets. Go for bold colours and high waists. 

Bathing Suits You Need For Your Body Type 
Photo courtesy of Billabong


Go for a cut that draws the eyes to the bathing suit, like with frills or some loose crochet. 

Also, choosing a smaller cut bikini will play up the curves that you DO have. 

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