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Try these dynamic chair stretches at home!

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Vanessa Barrett

Best Group Fitness Classes for Mindfulness

By Vanessa Barrett February 26, 2020
Mindfulness may be the buzz word of the moment, but it is indeed backed up by science.

5 Group Classes That Will Help Improve Your Mobility/Flexibility

By Vanessa Barrett January 24, 2020
With the new year here, there is no better time to bring an often neglected, yet important and even critical element, into your exercise program.  Increasing your mobility and flexibility will...

Why Every Woman Needs to Try Pilates at Least Once

By Vanessa Barrett October 23, 2018
Ever feel stiff, stressed, and unfit? Pilates may be just what your body and mind are not only needing, but craving. Especially for women, Pilates combines critical core work with strength and...

Work On Your Abs This Summer With These Group Fitness Classes

By Vanessa Barrett August 15, 2018
One of the most common fitness goals is achieving “rock hard abs” – but what does this actually mean?