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Try these dynamic chair stretches at home!

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Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club

Recap: SNFC at BMO Vancouver Marathon

Downtown Vancouver was closed for one of the biggest events the city has to offer, and Steve Nash Fitness Clubs was there!

New Steps for 4 SNFC Locations!

Attention all Group Fitness lovers, most especially those who love taking step classes! 

Success Story: Why Exercise is a Staple for Peter K. to Live #BeyondSNFC

Peter weighed over 200 lbs in Grade 6. He was an athlete and began training at the gym at young age, but never saw real change until committing to Steve Nash. 

Success Story: How Kayla Got Back Into Fitness After Neglecting her Health

No matter how much time passes, it's never too late to get back into fitness. After looking at herself in the mirror, Kayla saw something she didn't like. She noticed that she had put on a bit of...

Success Story: How Personal Training Helped Harsev Overcome Unhealthy Habits & Become His Best Version!

Stepping on the scale was the wake-up call Harsev needed to make a change to his life.  Harsev's fitness journey began in an uncomfortable situation. Twice a year, Harsev takes a trip to Whistler to...

Success Story: How Jessica Found Balance in her Life Using Personal Training

Life gets busy, and exercise is often the thing that takes a backseat. Jessica had always lived an active lifestyle. In her youth, she rode horses, played basketball, and was always spending time...

Success Story: How Sterling Regained Control of His Life Using Fitness

Events in your life can cause fitness to take a backseat. 2016 was a rough year for Sterling. His house flooded which resulted in him being displaced for 6 months. With an uncertain housing...

Success Story: How Valeria Completed the Spartan Race

Pregnancy and parenthood can make finding time for fitness difficult. As Valeria demonstrates though, it is possible. 2 challenging pregnancies left Valeria at the heaviest weight she'd ever been....

Success Story: How Kristen's Reluctant Fitness Journey Has Changed her Life

You don't always actively seek out fitness, but one way or another it has a way of working itself into your life. Kristen's fitness journey began on a reluctant note. Her work was hosting a 60 day...