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4 Ways Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition Can Boost Your Spin Class Performance

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Success Story: Why Justin B. Made a Big Life Change 

Justin had always been bigger, despite numerous diet attempts. He resigned to being big for the rest of his life. 

New Balance Shoe of the Month: Minimus 20v7 Trainer 

We've partnered with New Balance Canada to help you make your shoe purchasing, easier. Each month, we'll bring you New Balance's top shoe pick that you need to know! 

Success Story: Even With Life-Long Disease, Rosa D. Gained Back her Body and her Life

Rosa never wanted to be dainty. She wanted to be stronger than her peers. She wanted to be the hero, impress, and surprise people with what she was capable of doing. And she did it, until she...

Success Story: Find out How Katy O. Battled Depression with Fitness

Katy started her fitnes journey at a time when she was overweight, and dealing with anxiety and depression. Taking numerous medications that didn't work, a suicide attempt, and hospitalization, she...

Is a Cleanse Right For Me?

Detoxifying, re-energizing, losing weight – we all have our reasons for wanting to try out a cleanse. With all the newest and hottest cleanses hitting the streets, it’s hard to narrow down which ones...

Success Story: How Dallas S. Found Strength After Injury

Dallas dealt with years of injuries and life setbacks that kept his weight fluctuating, until he found a second home at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club. 

Top 10 Most Popular Fitness Articles of 2017

 We've had an exciting year of growth and change here at Steve Nash Fitness Clubs! As a re-cap on all that is health and fitness, we wanted to share our Top 10 Most Popular Fitness Articles of 2017,...

Success Story: Connie T. Became a World Class Dragon Boat Racer at 70 Years Old

At 70 years old, Connie has the metobolic rate comparable to someone at 54 and has competed in two Dragon Boat World Champions. In better shape than she's ever been, Connie continues to look forward...

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Elizabeth Léon

We'd like to congratulate Elizabeth Leon for being this month's Group Fitness Instructor of the month!  Elizabeth is the mom of two beautiful daughters, a music and dance fanatic, who is passionate...