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The Hip Thrust: How to Perform this important Exercise! (VIDEO)

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Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club

The Hip Thrust: How to Perform this important Exercise! (VIDEO)

The hip thrust; yes, it's an awkward movement and looks funny, but trust us when we say it's an important exercise!

Join our free Cardio Clinics during Heart Health Month!

Heart Month is a time to bring attention to the importance of cardiovascular health, and what we can do to reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease.

Success Stories 2020 Winner: Malihe Ghamarsourat

"I tried to lose weight for three years. I tried shakes, diets and exercise programs, but always ended up feeling discouraged and defeated."

Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Karen Wrafter

"I was always bigger than everyone else."  When Karen Wrafter came to Steve Nash Richmond Sports Club, her fitness goal was to be more active in hopes of being less tired, fatigued, while losing a...

Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Karen Verheul

"...I had a freak accident and fell hard and fast on my left leg. I walked on it for twelve days before I was diagnosed with a fracture of my left hip. I was immediately admitted to hospital and had...

Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Jason Reid

"I was never fit. I'd always describe myself as 'solid.' A stocky kid who never really lost his 'baby pudge.'" Before Jason found his Personal Trainer, Rohit, at Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club, he...

Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Jin Zhang

"Due to being overweight, my body had grown a tumor on the back of my neck. As days went on, the tumor got bigger and bigger which caused constant headaches, affecting me so badly I couldn't even...

Success Story: How Mengting Lost Over 18% Body-Fat & Became His Best Version!

Mengting was over-weight for the past 10 - 15 years, because of his bad life style and diet habits. As he got into his 30s, he could feel some health issues. He started having sleep apnea, which...

7 GT12 Stations to Build Stronger Abs!

Hi, my name is Melanie Keyter. I am a personal trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World Kitsilano. My passion is to help people change their lives by starting with the CORE values, being healthy, having...