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Clean Twix Bars

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Clean Twix Bars

It can be difficult to curb a sweet tooth, especially with grocery store shelves lined with chocolate and candy at this time of year. To satisfy those childhood candy cravings, try this healthy...

Success Story: How David D. Started Conquering Life (and the Grouse Grind)

David came to visit Vancouver to run a half marathon. Even then, he felt out-of-shape and knew he needed a drastic lifestyle change. 

Success Story: How Tina W. Changed her Physical and Mental Health

For Tina, success was about more than just physical change. Over the last six years, the club became her outlet to overcome emotional barriers and drive her to make everyday change.  Tina was one of...

Success Story: How Montana Built Confidence and Turned Her Health Around

Montana began her fitness journey in 2014 as a university student working full-time. Stress was a big part of her life, and she dealt with it by eating. She looked in the mirror one day and realized...

Success Story: After Major Physical Setbacks, Isabel Gained Strength and Confidence at SNFC

Isabel's initial goal when joining SNFC was to strengthen her back and core, improve her balance and mobility, and gain personal confidence. After three major physical setbacks, Isabel felt like a...

Success Story: How Darcy Lost Weight and Battled PTSD with Help from SNFC

Darcy is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. In February 2016, he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Darcy's path to PTSD started with his four years of service in Syria,...

Richmond Fitness World's New Location

It's finally here! Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club is proud to announce that our brand new Richmond Fitness World location is now open for business on Lansdowne Road.

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