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4 Ways Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition Can Boost Your Spin Class Performance

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Rhiannon Lytle

5 Canadian Paralympic Athletes to Watch at the 2018 Games

By Rhiannon Lytle March 1, 2018
It's time for the 2018 Paralympic games! Canada will be sending 55 Paralympic athletes to represent Canada in Pyeongchang.

5 Easy Habits for Your Long-Term Health

By Rhiannon Lytle February 23, 2018
Our bodies don't stay young forever. Luckily, there are ways that you can set yourself up for long-term health success!

4 Awesome Fit Girl Bachelorette Party Ideas 

By Rhiannon Lytle February 23, 2018
Not all bachelorette parties require a trip to Vegas and popping bottles, especially when the bride to be loves her time at the gym almost as much as her soon-to-be Mr. 

Wellness Technology you Actually Need

By Rhiannon Lytle February 15, 2018
There is a lot of fitness technology on the market these days. From everyday wearables, to in-bed mats and smartphone apps, it's clear that the days of physically logging your workout are done.

4 Slowcooker Recipes to Keep your Diet on Track 

By Rhiannon Lytle February 14, 2018
In case you didn't know, preparing meals in advance is key to sticking to any nutrition plan. But we get it - sometimes you're on a time crunch and you only have 20 minutes to spare. 

The Sports Bras you Need for Each Exercise

By Rhiannon Lytle February 14, 2018
Just like everyone is different, so is every sports bra. Each is designed for a specific set of activities to let you move freely and feel supported. 

Best Healthy Fast Food in Vancouver

By Rhiannon Lytle February 9, 2018
Sometimes your #MealPrep just doesn't go as planned. By Wednesday, you're over that big bag of kale salad you grabbed in a frenzy on Sunday night at Safeway. 

5 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Chocolate

By Rhiannon Lytle February 9, 2018
Whether you're spending your Valentine's Day with your SO, or with your best gal pals, a small gift can always bring that extra love. 

Top 4 Foods for Glowing Skin

By Rhiannon Lytle February 9, 2018
With winter in full swing, our skin can sometimes take a turn for the worse. Weekends hiking and skiing in the mountains, heaters in our homes and at work, and windy days, can all leave our skin...