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Daniela Tempesta

Get a Full Body Workout with 3D XTREME™!

By Daniela Tempesta September 27, 2017
3D XTREME™ is a brand-new Group Fitness class format to SNFC that fuses the best of two worlds: a full body, high-intensity workout and team-oriented drills––sports day style!

New Parents: Bring Your Wee One to Zumbini!

By Daniela Tempesta September 10, 2017
A fresh, interactive way to get and keep your family active––Zumbini is taking SNFC by storm! Leave your worries behind with this 4-week program designed to lead you and your little one through a...

Cross-Training and the Importance of Shaking Things Up

By Daniela Tempesta August 14, 2017
You've finally found your rhythm: you have a few classes you love, solid and motivating instructors you follow, and a weekly schedule you're able to commit to long term. Sounds like smooth sailing,...

3 Le Barre Moves To Achieve A Dancer's Body

By Daniela Tempesta February 17, 2017
If you’re looking for an awesome group fitness class that tones, sculpts and lengthens the body, Le Barre is for you. Here are three of my favourite Le Barre moves that go above and beyond to achieve...

The Barre Essentials: What to Expect At Your First Le Barre Class

By Daniela Tempesta February 3, 2017
You’re beginning to see it and hear of it more often. Maybe from your friend who loves So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe from your friend who danced growing up. Maybe from your friend who is always...

Benefits Beyond Le Barre

By Daniela Tempesta February 3, 2017
Le Barre, the newest dance fitness class to be introduced to Steve Nash Fitness Clubs, has many amazing benefits that you’ll be able to experience both inside and outside of the group fitness studio....