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Carlyn Rumohr

Meet Josh, SNFC Member to BCPTI Graduate & Personal Trainer

By Carlyn Rumohr December 27, 2017
Josh began his journey as an SNFC member 10 years ago. After working as a Red Seal Journeyman Welder for over 10 years, his decision to enroll in the BC Personal Training Institute (BCPTI) and become...

3 Podcast Episodes on Determination & Success

By Carlyn Rumohr December 21, 2017
With the New Year fast approaching, we’ve rounded up our favourite podcast episodes on determination and success, to get us ready for the goal setting and goal crushing times ahead in 2018.

Meet Marko, UFC GYM BC Fitness Coach

By Carlyn Rumohr December 14, 2017
Marko joined UFC GYM BC in November 2016 with an impressive skill set, including 10 years of experience in MMA and Muay Thai, and 7 years as a Kickboxing Instructor and Personal Trainer. Marko...

New Year, New Career in Fitness

By Carlyn Rumohr December 7, 2017
As we wrap up 2017 and set our sights on the New Year, we turn our focus to goals that make us happier, healthier, and stronger – including our careers. If you’ve been considering a career change, a...

Meet Rita, Payroll Manager at SNFC’s Corporate Office

By Carlyn Rumohr November 16, 2017
Rita first joined SNFC in 2012 as a contractor on the Finance & Accounting team. Before her contract expired she was asked to become a permanent member of #TeamSNFC. From contractor to Accountant and...

3 Ways SNFC Can Support Your Dream Job in Fitness

By Carlyn Rumohr November 7, 2017
As a Personal Trainer with SNFC you make a positive impact in your community by supporting the fitness, health, and wellness goals of others––all while working in an active, energetic and fun...

Meet Bruce, Personal Trainer

By Carlyn Rumohr November 1, 2017
Bruce first joined SNFC as a Personal Trainer in 2012. Since then, he’s held leadership positions with #TeamSNFC as an Assistant Fitness Manager and Fitness Manager. More recently he’s returned to...

Missed Our Latest Job Fair? Here are 4 Ways to Stay Connected with SNFC

By Carlyn Rumohr October 23, 2017
Last week’s Job Fair was a huge success thanks to the talented individuals who braved the rain to meet with our Senior Leadership Team and share an interest with #TeamSNFC.

Meet Becky, Front Desk to #TeamSNFC Operations Manager

By Carlyn Rumohr October 16, 2017
Becky first joined #TeamSNFC in May 2015 and quickly exemplified SNFC service promise of Members First, Friendly, and Fitness Focused. As an Operations Manager, Becky ensures that each Steve Nash...