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A Weekly Plan of Group Fitness Classes to Get a Full Body Workout!

Do you need help getting towards your goal? Not getting enough out of your own workout and want to challenge yourself? Need that extra motivation and push? Or maybe you just want burn calories and get a sweat on? 
Whatever it may be, take advantage of the group fitness classes’ we offer! There are different classes to chose from and each class is a way to improve our fitness by a mix of cardio, strength, endurance, agility and power.

Here is a week of group fitness classes for a full body workout!


Monday: Shed Express (Cardio)

Intense internal cardio that will get everyone sweating no matter what level of fitness all on a spin bike! This class will help improve endurance and stamina, as well as strengthen the legs and glutes! If you enjoy loud bumping  music and a good time while getting your cardio on, this class is for you! 

Tuesday: Buff Body (Strength)

A conditioning class that will target a full body workout that focuses on strength training!

Wednesday: Power Wave (Functional Strength, Power and Endurance)

Battle-ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells and sandbells is everything used to create that full body workout using strength, power and endurance all in one class! You can challenge yourself by changing the weight and intensity!

Thursday: Knock Out (Cardio, Power and Core)

A fun class for any fitness level to up your cardio, power and core strength while doing boxing drills.

Friday: Power Interval (Cardio and Strength)

Explosive intervals of cardio, weights and a step-up as a tool. This is a full body cardio workout that will get you moving to burn lots of calories! 

Saturday: Yoga 

This class will challenge you mentally by strengthening your mind and physically by Increase strength while improving posture and flexibility overall making you move better, and feel even greater!  (which flexibility will HELP you more in your own training program).

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