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A calorie is NOT just simply a calorie...

Suzy the “influencer”: “NO IT IS NOT!

There are good calories and bad calories. How can you say chocolate bars are the same as a chicken salad. You are so wrong, you can’t eat “junk” food and lose weight.

Not all calories are the same!

Just because all calories are created equal does not mean that chocolate bars are the same as chicken salads. A calorie is a unit of measurement. Just like a centimetre or a mile. A mile can be made up of sand, water, or dirt; you can even have an uphill or a downhill mile. But a mile is still a mile no matter how you look at it. You may walk a mile on a road faster than you can swim a mile, but at the end of the day, you have only traveled one mile. .

When people say “good” and bad” foods/calories, they are referring to the nutrient composition of those foods.

What is that calorie made out of? Some calories are made up of carbs while other calories are made up of fats. Some calories may give you more energy while other calories may make you feel more satiated. I think separating the unit of measurement (calorie) from the nutrient composition (macro/micro nutrients) would make nutrition a lot simpler for most people. 

Make sure you get the nutrients necessary for your body!

If we look back at the chicken salad and chocolate bar and see that the calories are equated for, does that mean we get the same nutrients from the chicken salad and chocolate bar? No, obviously not. Although you are getting the same overall energy, your vitamins, fibre, protein, etc, will be very different and lean towards the chicken salad for overall “goodness”.

Some foods are clearly more nutritious than other foods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include the less nutritious foods in your diet. Less nutritious foods (most processed foods) tend to be more calorically dense and therefore easier to overeat.

So yes, you can technically lose weight eating whatever you want if your calories are equated for. But, if you want to have good health, you must get the amount of nutrients your body needs to function at a healthy level for the long-term. 

Ask yourself three important questions:

  • What are my goals?
  • Are my calories equated for?
  • Am I getting the right amount of micro/macro nutrients?

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