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9 Types of Yoga to De-stress this Holiday Season

The holiday season is an exciting time! From work parties, to family gatherings, and dinner with friends. All that excitement can also lead to a lot of stress. 

Rather than grab that extra glass of eggnog or snowman-shaped cookie to curb the stress, try hitting the gym! Our favourite way to unwind is with a yoga class. Luckily, we have nine different classes at our various Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs to ensure you can find one that works for you!

1. Buti Yoga

Fuses traditional yoga foundations with fun and funky freedom of movement through rhythmical dance. Prepare to move your “buti” and sweat!

2. Crushhh

The ideal combination of all-out effort (the “crush”) followed by all-out relaxation (the “shhh”). Experience a 50/50 split of high intensity intervals followed by deep flexibility work.

3. Flow Yoga

This vinyasa yoga practice unites movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. The body naturally builds heat to move into postures and create a sense of lightness.

4. Forever Fit Stretch

Establishing and maintaining range of motion is essential to moving and feeling well! This format will emphasize gentle standing and seated stretches allowing you to enjoy moving with ease and confidence. This class is perfect for ages 60+ or anyone at an introductory or rehabilitation stage of fitness.

5. Power Yoga

Enjoy a dynamic, energetic and inspiring yoga practice, allowing you to build endurance, strength, flexibility and concentration. Great for athletes, this style of yoga is an excellent compliment to any sport.

9 Types of Yoga to De-stress this Holiday Season

6. Yoga

This foundation Yoga class will challenge you both mentally and physically. Strengthen your muscles while improving posture and flexibility.

7. Yin Yoga

This yoga practice is perfect for those wanting a deeper stretch. Postures are minimal but held for longer periods of time (3 or more minutes), allowing for full release of the muscle fibres to create length.

8. No Stress Stretch

Achieve and maintain healthy range of motion in this relaxing class dedicated to what you know you need... more stretching! Start with a warm-up to limber up stubborn joints and ease into standing stretch sequences. Finish off with mobility and deep stretches in seated and lying positions targeting all major muscle groups. Now say "ahhhhh."

9. Piyo

A strength-based fusion of Pilates and Yoga, this fast paced workout will get your core activated, your spine aligned and your muscles burning! Complimented with low-impact athletic cardio drills, this music-driven workout incorporates flexibility training inspired by sports conditioning, yoga, Pilates, and dance.

Check out the different types of yoga (or other classes to help unwind!) available at your Fitness Club location.