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9 Steps to Slay your Goals All Year Long

It's that time of year when we set up our goals to make sure we kill it. But sometimes, it can be hard to set the right goals and make sure we stick to them (at least until March!) 

To help lay your foundation for a successful year, we've got the 9 steps to make sure you slay your goals each month. 

1. Set a realistic timeline to hit your goal

Regardless of your goal, make sure that you’re being real with yourself. 70lbs in one week? Sorry, but it won’t happen.

Meet with someone to set up your goals, like a personal trainer for weightloss and nutrition or a financial advisor for money.

slay goals all year long

2. Use a journal to schedule time to hit your goals (and anything else included!)

Having a journal or calendar can help you schedule your goals and break everything down. What goal(s) will you hit this week? Eating clean 80% of your meals? Gaining 5lbs of muscle? Write it down and measure it at the end of each week.

Have you tried out a bullet journal? They let you set up your agenda and notes the way YOU want. 

3. Have a detailed goal.

“Eating healthy” is not a measurable goal. Attach a quantifiable amount next to your goal. Rather than say “eat healthy”, your goal can be “eat a primarily whole foods diet 80% of the time”.

Other quantifiable goals include: 

  • Gain 5lbs of muscle by March 2018
  • Meditate for 5 minutes every weekday 
  • Put $200 into a savings account every week until April 2018

4. Write down your goal somewhere that you can see every day.

Your mirror, agenda or phone screens are the perfect places for a reminder. Try setting an alarm on your phone at certain times of the day when you feel least motivated, or change your phone background. 

5. Have someone (or something) that holds you accountable.

Having someone that holds you accountable to your goal is key. If its fitness, try a personal trainer or a friend who loves the gym. These people can keep you on track and remind you why your goals are so important.

slay your goals all year long

6. Find your support system that you can turn to when you feel unmotivated.

This is different than the person that holds you accountable. Your support system is the people that you surround yourself with and that you can confide in.

That can be your family, a group of friends who are looking to get fit, or a new tribe you make at your group fitness classes

7. Measure your outcomes on a weekly basis and re-evaluate for next week.

Track your goals weekly and measure them based on where you would like to be. Did you meet or exceed your goals this week? Can you readjust your goals for the next week to keep on track for your final goal? 

For example: 

  • Did you gain 1 pound of muscle less this week than you were supposed to? How can you adjust your actions next week to account for this?
  • Skipped on buying lunch this week and saved an extra $100 than planned? You can keep the money, or be a little lenient next week (maybe those shoes you've been eyeing?) 

8. Focus on the daily acts you need to do to reach that goal – not just the goal itself.

Are you looking to lose weight? Setting a budget? Making more time for self-care? Make sure you’re laying out the specific steps needed each day and week to achieve your overall goal.

If your goal is to lose 5lbs this week, what will you do each day?



  • Take stairs at work
  • Gym: 45 minutes walking 


9. Reward yourself when you hit your goal

#TreatYoSelf. Depending on what the goal is, treat yourself in some way! Were you bringing your lunch to work to save money? Today’s the day to buy a nice one! Hit your weightloss goal? Get a manicure!

Chat with a personal trainer to get your free goal assessment and get on track to slay your goals all year long! 

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