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9 Essential Oils to Start Your 2019 off Right

There’s no doubt, there is a lot of hype around essential oils right now.

With so many companies giving you options from blended oils, sprays, or rolls ons, it can be confusing to know where to start.


But getting straight to the essentials of essential oils will give you a base to start combining and creating your own blends to meet your needs.

Ways to include essential oils in your routine:

  • Use it in a diffuser. You know those little machines that look like they're misting? That’s a diffuser. Usually, you’ll add water, a few drops of your chosen essential oil, and voila!

  • As a topical ointment. When using it this way, be sure to use a carrier oil like canola oil to dilute. Some topical oils are more potent and can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

  • In a DIY cleaning product: White vinegar and water can create magic (have you tried shining silver with it?!) – but unless you want your home to smell like a french fry… try adding essential oils.

  • As an inhalant. Similar to a topical ointment, mix one drop with a carrier oil and place in your hands. Rub together to warm the oil and release its scents, place your hands near your nose, and inhale deeply.


9 Essential Oils to Keep on Hand (and how to use them):

1. Citrus: you know that fresh smell when you cut into an orange, or that squeeze of lime in your summer drink? It makes you feel pretty happy, doesn’t it? In fact, studies have been done that show citrus aromas can actually positively impact those living with depression. Try using lemon or orange oil in an all-natural, DIY cleaning product!

2. Peppermint: Not only is peppermint effective for its anti-viral properties, but is also effective at increasing energy. Add it to a diffuser first thing in the morning, or rub it onto your hands midday for that extra boost. And if you’ve ever used Saje’s Peppermint Halo, you know this essential oil holds some pretty powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Basil: The scent of basil can actually stimulate our adrenal glands, promoting energy boosting effects. Try blending peppermint and basil essential oils for the optimal energy boost!

4. Cinnamon oil: Cinnamon oil has a two-fold effect. First, it can be inhaled (i.e. in a diffuser), to help break up chest colds. It is also known to have pain-relieving effects. Try using it topically with magnesium oil for extra soothing effects.

5. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to its antimicrobial properties and is added today to everything from shampoos for dandruff and lice to acne treatments. Mix with coconut oil for DIY scalp treatment if you suffer from an itchy or dry scalp.

6. Eucalyptus. The all-time essential, essential oil for colds (yes, it’s so essential that we’ve used the word twice). Add this to a diffuser and place near your bed if you have a stuffy nose. Or, if you’re feeling extremely strong, try smelling directly from the bottle for extra sinus-clearing effects.

7. Frankincense: Used for its grounding effects, frankincense is best to promote a state of relaxation and reduce stress. Try pairing it with a carrier oil to use as a body massage oil for those additional relaxing benefits!

8. Bergamot oil: This citrusy and spicy oil is great to boost moods and increase energy. Many people will opt to use this topically in deodorants or body oils.

9. Lavender oil: No essential oils list can be complete without one it. We see lavender oil used time and time again to help promote relaxation, particularly for sleep. Add it to water and spray on your pillow before bed, or add a few drops to a bath.


Here are 4 Important reminders before you start your journey into essential oils:

  1. Don’t ingest essential oils. These oils are extremely concentrated and are to be used for therapeutic purposes. Yes, there is too much of a good thing.

  2. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, be sure to speak with a professional before adding any essential oils to your routine.

  3. Keep essential oils away from children and pets, as many can be toxic when ingested.

  4. If you are using the oils topically, dilute them in a carrier oil such as vegetable or jojoba oil.

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