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8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017

It seems 2017 was a big year in fitness! Just check your social media for #GymSelfies, groups for accountability, meal prep meetups, etc. Nearly everyone found their fitness in some way.

That's why we wanted to roundup some of our favourite trends in fitness this year. Keep reading for the 8 fitness trends we loved this year. 

8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017

1. Group Fitness + Training

Sometimes you need that extra motivation to get exercising. With group training sessions or group fitness classes, you not only have your trainer or instructor pushing you to your best, but you have your peers!

If you’re looking for something more intimate, personal trainers offer a variety of small group training sessions. If you like the high-energy of a class, you’re nearly guaranteed to find something that suits you!

8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017

2. Wearable Technology 

Wearable tech no longer just includes fitness trackers to the calories you’ve burned or how far you’ve run.

Today’s tech includes everything from your exertion levels, and when you should be recovering to your quality of sleep, plus way more. You can also find gear to promote injury recovery, that’s small enough to fit under your gym gear.

8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017


For those that have an hour to spend at the gym each day – we give you a BIG high-five. Your time management skills are level 100. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves pressed to even get to the gym between meetings, family commitments, or post-work networking events.

HIIT workouts have been shown to boost metabolism, and you only need a short period of time to get through it! Into group fitness? Try out a Bootcamp class! Like going solo at the gym? Try this box workout to get fired up.

8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017

4. Personal Training

Personal trainers know more than just the exercises you need to do to lose weight. Personal trainers have a lot of knowledge on eating for optimal performance, exercise for recovery, sport-specific exercises, etc. By working with a personal trainer, you can prevent injury, see results faster and implement a new lifestyle for yourself and your family.

8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017

5. Functional Fitness

Are you a stay-at-home dad lugging around 3 kids all day? Maybe a senior who loves to hit Cypress Mountain each weekend? Incorporating functional fitness means you’re exercising those muscles that you need to live optimally in your daily lives.

Pushing the sled, kettlebell swings, or deadlifts are all great ways to prepare your body for life #BeyondSNFC.

8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017

6. Health Promotion in the Workplace

A company is only as good as the people who work there. And, in case you didn’t know by now, exercise releases endorphins (aka the happy pill). Happy employees are great employees, and even brand advocates!

When corporations make this connection, leaders understand the importance of providing employees with easy access to fitness, either through corporate memberships or bringing trainers directly to the office.

7. Foam Rollers

Want a deep tissue massage, but don’t have time in your schedule to fit in an hour for yourself? We get it! A foam roller is your next best friend until you can find time for an appointment.

Relax those tight IT bands or roll out your upper back. Making time for this each week will help with recovery and keeping your muscles in top shape!

8 Fitness Trends we Loved in 2017

8. Mental Health and Fitness

Mental health and activity levels go hand in hand: fitness and proper eating have been seen to alleviate stress and anxiety. As people become more aware of the impact that fitness has on many mental health issues, there is a shift away from fitness solely for looks, and toward fitness for happiness and relaxation. 

Having a bad workweek? Try sweating it out with a spin class.

School stress? Tie up your shoes and hit the nearest trail for a run. 

Come test out a few of these fitness trends in 2018! 

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