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7 Fun Ways to Keep Your Cardio Exciting & Safe!

When it comes to cardio workouts it is usually the last thing we put our effort on it. We think an hour on the treadmill or 30 minutes on the Stairmaster will do the trick, which makes our cardio routine tedious and monotonous.

I don’t know about you, but extensive, draining cardio workouts bore me to death and make all my motivation go down the drain. That's why I am always looking for ways to keep cardio more exciting, and fortunately getting things exciting is not as hard as you think. So here are..

Seven fun ways to keep your cardio routine exciting and safe!

 Intervals on the treadmill

Don’t just jump on the treadmill and run for an hour (if that’s your thing we are not judging) keep it fun do 2 minutes sprint and 1 minute jog for 20 or 30 minutes believe me you will be burning double the calories and you’ll be out faster than you think.


2. Octane machine (not just another elliptical)

Under the custom button, click on MMA, it is an amazing way to work your upper and lower body in 30 second to 2 minutes rounds. It will match your strength and effort no matter how strong you are, making this an amazing way to not only get your frustration out but also pretend you got a shot on the ring.

3. The skill mill

Whether it is running part of the New York City marathon at your own pace and time, or pushing your sled hundreds of meters. The skill mill can mimic your run outside with the help of My wellness app which makes your run at the gym exciting.

4. GT12 

12min rounds, 12 different exercises, 1200 calories a week! What's more exciting than that?! If by the middle of the first round you’re not drench in sweat, you’re not going hard enough.

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 5. The stepmill

Whether you step side to side or just straight up, conquering the highs of famous building is a great way to stay motivated while doing your cardio, (the empire state building is 86 flights=1,576 stairs).

6. No gym, no problem!

Jumping lunges and split squats will be your go to exercises, all you need is a small four by four-foot space and a timer. (30 second on 30 seconds off until you reach 8 rounds. 12 minutes of cardio done).


7. Battle ropes

Legs are sore from the big workout yesterday, no problem… you can do your cardio with the battle ropes, up and down, both hands together, inside out or just doing jumping jacks. Ropes are a great way to get your cardio done when your legs are already done.

So, there you go, if this does not spice things up with your cardio workouts, I don’t know what will!