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7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day (The Healthy Way)

It's almost Canada Day, eh? Do you know how you'll celebrate? 

It can be easy to get sucked into the routine of hanging out with friends and family, making massive amounts of egg salad sandwiches, or heading camping and living off of burgers and beers for a weekend. 

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But we're here to tell you that you have a lot of other ways to celebrate that will help you stick with your diet and your fitness routine–plus, you can explore everything that our beautiful country has to offer!

7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day

1. BBQ with friends.

Skip the boxed burgers and hotdogs. Even forgo the bagged french fries. 

Enlist each friend to bring their favourite healthy salad (the greener, the better), buns, and some cut up veggies. You supply the main event with these healthy hamburger swaps!

7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day

2. Hike a local mountain.

Get out and #explorebc! No matter where you are in the province, it's likely you're within driving distance (maybe even biking!) to a local mountain or trail. 

Need a little inspiration? Check out these three trails that you should hit up all year long!

3. Make maple-inspired treats.

Did you know that maple syrup actually has some health benefits? While it is still sugar (and we know that we should minimize our sugar intake), maple syrup is also a potent antioxidant and is better on your liver than sugar-filled cookies, coffee, etc. 

... plus, maple anything makes us feel a-boot as Canadian as we can get. 

7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day

4. Head for a long road ride. 

For any serious cyclist, an extra day on the weekend is the perfect excuse to head out for a long road ride. If you're new to the road bike team, we have a few rides that need to try!

Grab a few of your best pals, a pack with some healthy snacks, and explore! 

5. Check out a new healthy lunch spot.

After all the activity you'll get up to, you'll need to re-fuel! Check out some healthy lunch spots around the city that you've been eyeing. 

Whether you're looking for some quick eats, a great patio, or a top brunch spot, Vancouver has a lot to offer. 

7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day

6. Squeeze in a long run.

Similar to serious cyclists, serious runners can bask in the extra day. And hey, you could use it as a rest day, but what about that trail you've been thinking about checking out?

Grab your workout buddy (that can even be your dog!) and hit the road! Make sure you fill up properly to reduce injuries and give you the most energy for your run!

7. Celebrate with us!

We'll have our teams at Surrey Canada Day, White Rock Canada Day, and West Vancouver Canada Day celebrations. We'll be handing out free passes, too, so you can get your sweat on with us all summer long!

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