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6 Men's Activewear Essentials Every Guy Should Have

If you're a fitness junkie, working out and exercising to improve your health and lifestyle five times a week, you'd better be equipped with the best gear to get the most out of your routine. 

In this blog, I'll share 6 essential activewear items that you should get to give you that extra 'umph' when you're in the gym! 


1. Compression Leggings

One of my favourite items to sport are compression leggings for men, available in a number of different brands, colours, designs, etc. Right now, the Nike Pro line is good stuff.

If you wanna stand out in the gyms, you can go with some loud, colourful leggings, or some sleek camouflage patterns to feel like a beast during your workout. 

Personally for me, I like to stick with neutral colours because they pair well with any combination of shorts and upper body wear. You shouldn't worry too much about standing out, considering most are focused on themselves and their own fitness routine, but you want to look the part. 

You know what they say, if you look good, you feel good. What you wear can play a factor into your confidence when you step into the gym. 

There's also a major movement benefit as well. 

I like to go with leggings on major leg days or functional training days when you're working barbell squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatches, or plyometrics. You'll have more freedom when moving laterally, going up and down, while keeping your legs warm and retaining heat better than no leggings at all. It's perfect for the cold, windy, winter season in Vancouver!

2. Running Shorts

Running shorts are underrated, I swear. They are good for almost any aspect of fitness, from weightlifting, cardio, stretching, to functional training. They're a 'jack-of-all-trades' pair of shorts.

They're great in terms of fitting around the waist and the glute area; not too tight, and allow tons of movement in exercises such as the sumo deadlift, any squat, running on a track, or stretching.

Most men like to wear sweats, weightlifting shorts that are SUPER tight, or loose-fitting basketball shorts. Running shorts tend to be shorter in length, giving you some breathing room above the knee so you don't feel restricted while exercising. 

A great line you can look at are the Nike Dry Men's Challenger line, available in 5" or 7", depending on your height and size. They are thin but made out of great material, and look great despite most of them being designed in neutral colours and shades. 

3. New Balance Long Sleeve Top

A great line of breathable, lightweight but warm long sleeves to wear in the gym when you're feeling cold is New Balance's R.W.T. Long Sleeve Top

Perfect for any workout or training type, you can stay warm and feel like a million bucks with this top. 

Some long sleeves can drop below the wrist or are too loosely-fitted, annoying you during your reps. Seriously, it's one of my pet peeves when I constantly have to pull my sleeve up while I'm working out or on a run.

The R.W.T. line is not too loose but not too tight, it's the right amount of fit for you to feel warm without having to worry about it during your workout. 

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4. Skullcandy Headphones

This day in age, it's all about wireless technology. 

No more cords in an annoying knot, no more cords or earbuds falling on your face, no more cords getting stuck to the barbell during your workout (yeah, those things have happened for sure). 

A high-quality, affordable and durable brand of headphones to use in the gym are Skullcandy; they've got a solid line of wireless headphones and earbuds that will do more than just the job of playing music. 

From the Indy True Wireless Earbuds, Push True buds, Sesh buds, to the Riff or Crusher line, all of these are fantastic choices to use to play your favourite pump up song. 

The material is resistant and quite good at shrugging off sweat. Whether you're doing headphones or earbuds, they're adjustable to your liking to help you feel comfortable listening to your favourite jams. 

5. RVCA VA Tech Sport Backpack

Remember when you were in P.E. class, and you'd use one of those drawstring bags to hold your P.E. strip? Well, you've upgraded from physical education to a serious fitness routine, so your bag should upgrade with you. 

RVCA has the VA Tech Sport Backpack, a cool, but simple pack with a drawcord closure, flap, and adjustable mesh bags to hold your shoes, boxing gloves, water bottles, etc. 

There's also a key hook to hang onto your lock, and some padded shoulder straps to improve your comfort for the long haul. 

This bag will carry everything you need to bring to the gym, and more. This is the premium version of your average drawstring bag. 

6. Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes might not be fully applicable to everything, but if you're doing compound lifts such as deadlifts or squats, or olympic lifts on the platform, I strongly recommend investing into a pair of Nike Romaleos.

Weightlifting shoes have a lifted heel, which will increase the ankle's range of motion, or the ability to stretch the achilles. When you're doing olympic lifts, a raised heel will assist hip flexion and extension.

According to a CrossFit coach, you can actually lift more weight because weightlifting shoes provide a more solid, stable surface that helps you generate more power during your lifts.

The Nike Romaleos are a sleek, good-looking pair that a lot of weightlifters invest in. If the pros are getting them, that should tell you something about their value! 

Wanna take the new gear into the gym? Well, if you're not already a member at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club, try the premier gym in the province for 7 days FREE, and we promise you, you'll be putting these activewear essentials to good use for a really long time.

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