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5 Ways To Optimize Your GT12 Experience

Its Summer time in Vancouver and what is the city known for. Good food, Beaches and exploration. Many people ask me, “How should I prepare my body for the summer?” “I don’t know what to do”, “I don’t know where to start”. 

My answer is always the same, find a program that will help you stay motivated and challenge! That’s why I suggest GT12.

GT12 was created for those who are looking for a new, fun way of working out without the hassle of trying to create a program on their own. There are 12 Stations that keep you engaged, challenged and plenty of modifications for your fitness needs.LEARN MORE ABOUT GT12

I’ve been teaching GT12 for a while and I know the 5 best methods to get the most out of your workout. Check it out!

1. Know Your Body

Knowing your body is important because you want to get the most out of your workout. What’s your limitations? Are there any injuries? Are you looking to have fun? Push to your limits? Take the GT12 program with a plan in mind of how hard you want to push yourself and what results that you can expect to have in the end. Always relay this to your GT12 instructor so they know how to guide you to the best experience

2. What Supplements Are You Taking?

Many people will take the class without supplements. I ask why they don’t take Amino Acids or a Protein Shake and the answer is usually the same, “I don’t know”. That’s okay, I’m here to help. Taking a Protein Shake after a workout will allow the muscles to repair for faster growth and change to the body. If you are looking to increase your workout performance take an Amino Acid for extra boost. Supplements are meant to support the body for faster and attainable results


3. Find a GT12 Partner

GT12 is being taught at a variety of times for your workout convenience. Next time you take a class get to know the person that’s taking it with you. You already know that you both have similar hobbies. What hobby is that? Fitness. This is why you’re in the same class, it’s the perfect ice breaker to get to know someone. Create an accountability buddy system where you can meet at the same GT12 class throughout the week. This will allow you to stay accountable in your workouts and look forward to your next conversation!

4. Stay Consistent

The GT12 program was created for you. Remember this. It was created for you because its purpose is to assist with your workout goals without thought or worry of what workout that you should do next. Take advantage of this program. The amount of GT12 sessions that you can take are unlimited with availability that can fit your weekly schedule. All of our GT12 instructors and are qualified Personal Trainers that can and will modify your workout for your intensity pleasure.


 5. Have Fun!

GT12 is a fun program that updates and changes on a weekly basis. It’s fun and exciting. Every experience is a new adventure where you will grow with the program. Work hard, have fun and embrace the GT12 experience!

Now that you know how to optimize your GT12 session, download you FREE week pass and start experiencing the Power of 12! 

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