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5 Ways to Beat a Hangover, The Healthy Way

If you drink, it's very likely you've experienced the dreaded hangover (or maybe that's why you don't drink anymore!). And as we get older, it doesn't take a wild night to still feel the effects the next day. 

To help you curb the headache, nausea and all-over feelings of "yuck", we've got some healthy tips to beat a hangover–and yes, fried eggs are included!

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Check out these 5 healthy hangover cures!

1. Pop your vitamins

5 Ways to Beat a Hangover, The Healthy Way

When you drink, you deplete your B-vitamins, so it's important to double your dose when you've been drinking. 

Try to avoid the hangover from the minute your alarm goes off, and pop a B-vitamin pre-bed. (Precaution: B-vitamins have been seen as "energy boosters". However, after a few too many glasses of vino, you likely won't have too many problems falling asleep!) 

Take another in the morning to keep the detoxing going. 

5 Ways to Beat a Hangover, The Healthy Way

2. Support your liver

You already know that alcohol does a number on your liver. This becomes even worse as we age, and our liver's become a little more sluggish. There are more hormones that need to be flushed through, fats that are processed, and of course, alcohol. 

Try dandelion root tea, or milk thistle supplements to give an extra boost. Or make a liver cleansing smoothie with these ingredients

5 Ways to Beat a Hangover, The Healthy Way

3. Eat those eggs

If your stomach isn't doing the best, a nutrient-dense smoothie might not sound so appealing. Sometimes, the only way through is with a good old fashioned, fatty breakfast. 

Do it the healthy way! Fry two eggs in ghee or coconut oil, serve it on a piece of sprouted, whole grain toast (extra points for the healthy fats in the grains!), with 1/2 avocado and some steamed spinach.  

Eggs have cysteine, which help to break down the toxins that cause the hangover in the first place. 

5 Ways to Beat a Hangover, The Healthy Way

4. Water (obviously!) 

Hydrate before, during, and after! 

If you know you're meeting up with friends after work, or are hitting the beach for BBQs and beers, make sure to drink lots of water during the day, and supplement with additional electrolytes (like adding salt, or a little honey) to your water. 

5 Ways to Beat a Hangover, The Healthy Way

5. Sweat it out

Depending on where you're at on the hangover scale, working out might seem like the biggest chore, especially if all you want is Netflix and greasy breakfast. 

One note of caution: if you're at a hangover level 10 scale (i.e. if you walk, you might puke), maybe bed rest is best, especially for the sake of your gym's cleaning staff.

Don't do anything too strenuous if you're feeling really under the weather. Go for a run, do a few twists, maybe hit up a yoga class.

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