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5 Ways How Yoga Can Change Your Life!

First thing you need to know: Yoga is for everybody!

Love it, hate it, be indifferent. Be of the opinion that you don’t need it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bodybuilding, runner, into strength training, power, gaining, losing, or you’re a beginner to fitness and you find the entire idea extremely intimidating. The truth is there is not a single human being on this planet who would not benefit tremendously by incorporating yoga in their life.

So, let me give you 5 reasons why you need to stop making excuses?


Admit it, theirs gunfire going off in your head right? Your thoughts are running rapid through your mind and guess what, there’s no off switch. There’s a filter system in your brain called the reticular activating system and what that system does is filter through the constant information that your mind is trying to analysis and decipher.

You need to begin to learn to calm your mind down. Mediation is a great way but so is practicing yoga, especially if you have a hard time mediating. Yoga is very powerful skill that commands complete focus and let’s your mind begin to reset.

You are bringing your attention to the moment of each movement, that for beginner will require exceptional focus. You are giving your energy to the practise. If you begin to incorporate yoga a few times a week, the calming effects will set into these neuron pathways and will create a platform for you going forward. Balance!



Humans shouldn’t be able to bend their back so far that your skull can touch the heal of your foot. Amen to those who can. We love you for it. But your body needs to move more. It can’t get simpler than that. It needs to feel more range and feel more expressive freedom in movement.

It’s not your fault. You are born and raised into a society of numbing walking zombies. But now you got to get over it and try the 7:30 pm yoga class. The more movement the body begins to experience, you will see how this begins to carry itself into your life, you’re walking and standing stronger with a firm posture, your confidence boosts, you feel your self-worth improve.



You can’t deny it. Yogis may be skinny, but they are wicked strong. So why does this matter? You may not know this because your only 25, and everything about you is perfect, but your body isn’t going to stay super terrific forever. Despite what you read. That’s not how it works. The body gets old, you get old and a lifetime of whatever the hell you were doing will catch up to you.

But here’s how it works, train your body to be strong right now and your will continue to be strong. Your body will know how to protect itself. It will avoid less chances of getting injured. It will build intuition to adapt to any situation. The techniques you learn in yoga train not only your body to build control and discipline, it creates a mainframe of self-discipline. Strong body. Strong mind. Yoga Tonight!!

Heart Space

Let’s be real: we could all use a little more of this. We could all use a little more self-love, again, bodybuilder, cross-fit dude, bikini girl, it doesn’t matter, we all know what it feels like to feel our hearts full. It’s this incredible feeling that is so rare, so damn rare, that you would probably pay a handsome fortunate if you could keep it.

But with the Reticular Activating System going crazy on your thoughts of self-worth, your heart space tends to stay closed. Yoga is not just movement. It’s a bringing your mind, your body, your spiritual self, your alignment to whatever higher power you believe in, call the universe, to this one teaching designed to begin to open up your heart space. See what happens in your life! DAMN!



You do not breath! You think you do. You’re breathing enough. Your Autonomic Nervous System is just going give enough, just to get you by. But you’re missing out on a whole lot of oxygen deprived cells begging for a spark of energy. A little love over on this side, why don’t you!

There is so much space in your body, from your nervous system to your endocrine system that would improve immediately if you practiced stronger breathing. Yogis incredible movements can also be attributed to strong breathing patterns that they form.

By creating more oxidation in the cells, you are creating more space internally as the body begins to train itself to store oxygen. The strong abdominal holds that your body undergoes commands respect and attention. This will require stronger breathing patterns. There’s so much more oxygen you could take in.

Yoga takes strict movement through controlled body positions into creating deeper expressions of range and flexibility. That commands a lot of controlled breathing, wouldn’t you say? A whole lot. I’m not saying you got to go hit the punch card 5 days a week, unless that’s your jam. Try it once, twice. Now to all your bodybuilders that hold your breath through every damn set I see you do it, knock that off and learn to breath.

What's your favourite thing about Yoga? How has it changed your life? Let us know in the comments! 

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