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5 Questions with BCPTI in Time for Summer Session

We’re coming up quickly on the BCPTI summer session, starting July 17th and 18th, so we thought we’d take a minute to learn more about it with Program Coordinator, Christina Taylor.

What is BCPTI all about?

British Columbia Personal Training Institute (BCPTI) is a combination of classroom and in-gym training that provides a scientific and practical approach to personal training certification. We certify through NASM which is an internationally recognized certification focusing on Sports Science fundamentals. BCPTI is exclusively partnered with Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club (SNFC) and is the preferred certification program of SNFC. BCPTI guarantees job placement with SNFC as a Personal Trainer upon successful completion of the program and certification exam. 

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Brian Truong, Personal Trainer at Morgan Crossing Sports Club and BCPTI Instructor, was among the earliest graduates of the NASM Certified Personal Training program at BCPTI so we wanted to showcase his story.

We asked Brian about his experience and why he chose BCPTI:

Where did you first hear about BCPTI?

I heard about the program when it first started. I was the second intake ever and they had just begun to put up posters and signs around the various Steve Nash locations. I kept seeing the posters around and finally asked about it and then made the decision to go, which I have never looked back on.

Why BCPTI vs other PT schools?

The main contributors were price, flexibility, and instructors. BCPTI was more affordable, the duration was conducive to my work and school schedules at the time, and finding out who Chad Benson was played a major part.

“In addition to the people, [SNFC] continues to allow me to grow… This has been integral.”

How has BCPTI and SNFC allowed you to grow your career?

That's an easy answer because I often feel grateful for the people I have met while working for SNFC. The people at the Morgan Crossing location have been my second family. In addition to the people, the company continues to allow me to grow by providing incentives for continued education while also coordinating certifications, seminars and workshops for trainers. This has been integral.

Many of the courses I have taken were through SNFC or they were brought in by the company (often at discounted rates). All of this continued development has lead me to where I am now and contributed to what I've accomplished.


What tips do you have for aspiring Personal Trainers?

As cliché as it sounds, figure out your "why" and never forget that. There will be times you struggle and that "why" will be your motivation and will keep you focused. What has helped me the most though is to constantly learn from those around me; SNFC has a myriad of amazing individuals and expertise that you can learn from and be better.

It matters little that we may not be as good as other people, or that we have not accomplished this or not, or even that we make mistakes. What is more important is how we handle those situations and what we learn from them.

BCPTI’s Vision: To provide affordable, highly personalized, cutting edge, research driven and industry relevant education to passionate fitness professionals and enthusiasts.



Career Opportunities: A career with Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club means achieving all your personal and professional goals! We are committed to training and developing each employee so their opportunities for growth are endless. If this sounds like the career for you, visit our website to view current opportunities.