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5 Local Influencers to Follow On Social Media For Fitness Inspiration

Did you know that June 30th is International Social Media Day? 

In its short life, social media has completely changed the way we interact, communicate and share information with others.

To celebrate the date, we want to showcase the people that use these channels as a tool to inspire their followers to live a healthy lifestyle!

We've put together a list of local influencers that you can follow for fitness inspiration. Check it out!

Mia Nedić | @mianedic


Mia is a nursing student and Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Abbotsford. On her Instagram, she shares workout videos, training tips and her passion for fitness in a fun and inspiring way! Mia also uses her social channels to raise awareness about mental health and motivate others to overcome mental challenges through exercise, as she did! 

Ashley McLoughlin | @toughasamother


The mom of 3 from Victoria is tough as a mother! Ashley started working out because she wanted to feel more confident about her body after having babies. Through her feed, Ashley shows her improvements and motivates followers to seek their own! Follow Ashley for great workout videos, inspiration and a glance into her lifestyle. 

Nicholas Rut | @nickrutfitness


Follow Nicholas for a daily dose of motivation! The mechanical engineer utilizes social media to share his workout routines and inspire people to always strive for improvements. After following Nicholas, there's no doubt you will feel inspired to start lifting some heavy weights! 


Molly | @molsinspire


Molly is all about inspiring her followers! Her fitness journey started at the age of 19 when she decided to make a lifestyle change to lose weight. Through social media, she wants to inspire others to start a change in their lives as well! @molsinspire will show you that, no matter how hard it seems to be, with hard work, everything is possible! 

Meghan Melissis-Snider | @megatron.fitness


Meghan is an ex Gymnast & Volleyballer currently working as District Fitness Manager at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Clubs. On Instagram, she shares her passion for fitness and changing lives. Meghan also shows the fun behind the scenes at the gym! 

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