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Try These 5 Healthy Meals You Didn't Know You Could BBQ

It's BBQ season! But don't get stuck in a rut with your average healthy hamburgers, kebabs and hot dogs. 

Don't you wish you could barbecue every night? You might think it's impossible–what about salads, roasted vegetables, pasta dishes?

We're here to tell you: it's very possible.

From fruit, to cheese, bread and quesadillas, the sky is the limit and if you have the right tools your barbecue can be your outdoor oven. 

Here are our 5 favourite meals that you didn't know you can barbecue. 

Try These 5 Healthy Meals You Didn't Know You Could BBQ

1. Guacamole 

PSA: Do not make guacamole, then toss it on the barbecue. 

To make this, grill the avocado, onion, lime and garlic. Mash it all up, or add it to a food processor when you're done! 

2. Caesar Salad

Similar to the guacamole, grill up all of the salad components prior to tossing them in a bowl! This includes the romain lettuce, bacon strips, and even homemade croutons. 

Try These 5 Healthy Meals You Didn't Know You Could BBQ

3. Quesadillas

Just as you would cook a quesadilla in a frying pan, place all your ingredients (think: grilled corn, grilled pepper and tomatoes), on one half with some cheese. Fold in half and place on the grill! 

Caution: try not to overload it too much, or you risk a cheese-grease fire! You can also place everything on a piece of aluminum foil or BBQ sheet. 

Try These 5 Healthy Meals You Didn't Know You Could BBQ

4. Cauliflower, Cabbage and Bok Choy

Cut the cauliflower and cabbage into quarters or slices, layer lightly with olive oil and himalayan sea salt. This can be a main dish on it's own! 

Rinse and grill the Bok Choy whole. Drizzle your favourite sauce right after it comes off the grill and add to rice or soba noodles for a smokey chow-mein. 

5. French toast 

Barbecue isn't just reserved for dinner. Oh no, friends. You can use this masterpiece all day long–starting with breakfast. 

Soak your french toast as usual in eggs and cinnamon, or make it savoury with some eggs, miso and scallions! 

Make sure the grill isn't too high to start to ensure the egg cooks all the way through. 

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